12 thoughts on “Kinda, sorta the first post ever

      1. As far as food goes, I’m torn between fried chicken and tacos, (maybe fried chicken tacos, Idk?) And my coworker just got me into bleach, and I’ve been binge watching it for like a month straight 🙂 Currently I am creating my own anime , I don’t have a drawer nor do I know how to draw, so..I decided to write a book where my words would paint the picture. It’s a lot of work but tons of fun.

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  1. I love the same things, except for the reading! I obviously have a blog (writing), I looovve food and I can spend a lot of time on breakfast and lunch, I like to watch some anime fron time to time and I love both watching and making youtube videos (yes I have my own channel called Pastel Tessa check it out maybe?)!

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