An unknowingly awesome day

The month of July had been super, super hectic for me. It had been filled with many (and I mean many)  obstacles. So, when finally august arrived, I was more than happy. A new beginning was just what I needed.
         So, on the first day of this glorious month, I attended college. But, then, the last two lectures got cancelled! My weekend just begun sooner! Me and my best friend went to meet our very good other friend at a cafe. We ordered some food and began chatting. The food was awesome, as was the company.
             Soon after that, I had a waxing appointment. I was more than glad to get my body hair plucked, as my arms and legs resembled those of a bear. When I was done, my father informed me that we had to attend a fashion show. My mother works at a garment factory, and she had to attend a fashion show to see what the competition’s garments were like. I absolutely adore fashion, in fact it is my passion! But, when I arrived there, all the ladies were dressed in beautiful shalwar kameez and cocktail gowns, and I was dressed in a simple jeans and T-shirt (sigh..). The fashion show was pretty great though, some of the outfits being meh but others being absolutely stunning.
         After that, we went shopping, as the hotel where the fashion show was held was really close to a mall. And the best part was that there was a sale in every single store! But, unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything to my liking. Heavy heartedly, I went to the last store, which was a departmental store. I went to my favorite brand part of the store, and I gasped (and consequently received ‘what the hell’ looks from the shoppers close by). That was because I had finally found the tops I had been looking for months! I had been looking for those 2 tops everywhere, and I couldn’t find them, and when I did, I was more than overjoyed!I felt like it was fate ( a slight overreaction on my part, don’t ya think?) as I didn’t find anything else anywhere, but I unknowingly found the tops I absolutely loved and adored, and they were also on sale! What could better? The day was super long though, I went to college at 8:30 in the morning and came back at 10:30 in the night. I was deeply grateful for an unknowingly awesome start of the new month.
            That concludes the abnormally long blog about an abnormally long day. Until next time. 🙂


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