Squished together

Human beings never cease to amaze me. Being a human myself, I feel we, as a species, are an enigma. Let me explain. I’ve recently been enrolled in a media school, and thus I’ve had to deal with a ton of new people. As a person who loves making new friends, I talked to many of them. And boy, was I amazed again.
            Let me explain my amazement in three categories:
1)The ‘I don’t talk to anyone’ – these people are always at the back of the class, and even if they are not, they will not communicate with anyone. They will never approach anyone new ever. And, even when you approach them, they don’t continue a conversation. They will be usually seen texting or gazing glumly at no apparent object.

2)The ‘I’m too popular to make friends’ – these people always have an aura surrounding them. The aura exudes charm and confidence. So naturally, you would want to approach them. But you can’t. This is because they have their whole group of ‘I’m too popular’ friends surrounding them. It almost seems like there is an invisible wall around them and us, the mere mortals. These people never talk much to anyone outside of their huge group.
 3)The ‘same wavelength’ – these people think the same way as you. They have the same interests, likes, dislikes, and are just amazing to be around. But, unfortunately, many people with the same wavelength as you don’t exist. These people are very rare in nature. They are the perfect blend of niceness and aloofness.

             I just had to write this down. I seriously don’t understand that if strangers are thrown in a random environment together, shouldn’t they seek each other’s guidance and support? Apparently, in our current society, this concept of everyone being nice to each other doesn’t exist. Shouldn’t we all be a team? I mean none of us even know why we’re on earth. We don’t even know what is our ultimate goal, so till the time we are here, shouldn’t we be nice to others?

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