Eeeeeeeeep!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeep!!!! *Squealing with joy!!!* OK, I’m sane again.
         I just got 67 reads yesterday!!!!!!! Woohooo!!!! That’s the highest I’ve gotten so far!!!! Thank you anybody who’s read, liked and commented on my posts!!!! I’m eternally grateful!!!! Thank you all soooooooooo much!!!!! I’m super motivated to write right now!!
        *The official end of squealing with joy*
         To anyone who’s reading this, I’ve got the perfect solutions to all your problems! Are you down? Do you feel lonely? Sad? Angry? Depressed? Do you feel like everyone around you is happy with the only exception being you? Well look no further! Ramexa is here to help. What I’m about to tell you dear reader is a very effective method of staying happy. This method has already been told by Rhonda Byrne, and it works like a charm! This method is called – 
‘Writing down what you are grateful for.’
             Basically, you count every little, tiny, awesome thing that happened to you everyday and write it down. It can be anything really. You got no traffic on your way to work, write it down. That stupid colleague of yours didn’t come to work today, then write it down. You feel grateful for your life, and think to write about it, then once again write it down.
             The idea, is to be glad about several little things, rather than one giant thing.
              The main point is to thank any entity you believe in, and to ask them for more. You gotta ask to receive. You gotta be grateful to receive. That’s just how the universe works.
             So my dear reader, improve your life using this technique. This is the quickest road to happiness.

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Until next time 🙂

16 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I commonly use: Before I lay me down to rest, let me count how I’ve been blessed. Then I list the people and things that happened during the day that brought me joy. Then I ask that others I know whom are struggling find comfort, peace, guidance, basically have their needs met. Then I end it with something completely random like, “Thanks for the extra bacon on my BLT. It was delicious.”

    But I also talk to the ceiling and look to the sky a lot. I interact with my spirit all day long. In return, I’m riding an incredible ride with such beautiful people that sometimes I think I’ll just burst with love so I HAVE to share it. Attitude of Gratitude said a sign I read somewhere. I live that under the guidelines of being a pilgrim for justice and a fool for love.

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