‘THAT’ person

Ever looked at that really awesome person, you know, the one who looks good, feels good, is always surrounded by many people and an invisible aura of coolness.
Of course you have. We all have. And you say to yourself ,”Why can’t I be like that person?”
Well, you can’t. He’s a completely different person altogether. How can we even measure two human beings? It’s like measuring apples and oranges. Completely irrelevant.
But all you people out there who want that aura of coolness, I’ll tell you the secret. Just LOVE yourself. Before saying ‘I love you’ to someone else, say it to yourself. If you don’t like yourself, how the hell else is someone gonna like you?!
Just be YOU. Honestly,you are a unique mixture of awesomeness or U.M.A. Be proud of yourself! For eg. You just completed a very intense workout, and you see this delicious piece of pie, you eat a bit of that delicious piece of pie with gusto cause you’ve earned it!( the weeknd reference πŸ˜‰ )
And that brings me to the most important point of all. You might be thinking – If I’m such an awesome person, and I know that I’m such an awesome person, why don’t people realise it? Well, if you see that piece of specialness in yourself and others don’t, just leave them. Honestly. There’s this quote of Marilyn Monroe to help you out! πŸ™‚


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Until next time! πŸ™‚

45 thoughts on “‘THAT’ person

  1. having been “that” person in the past I have to say though, it sucks. One must never love themselves to such an extent that they stop caring for those around them. Love yourself but not as much as you can love another or else in your apathetic reign you might as well crush the others.

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  2. We have to love ourselves first before we can love others. It’s akin to charity begins at home. One cannot be generous with love for others , while neglecting the ones at home. One cannot show off one’s love to God, without showing love and sympathy to fellow human beings who need it most., the meek, he poor, the disenfranchised.

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  3. Definitely! Social media doesn’t help with all the pictures of beautiful, fit people that travel to all these awesome places LOL. But you’re absolutely right! Loving ourselves and the joys of our own lives is what makes our life “THAT” life;)

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