Traffic jam mush

I want  to write something else, but I can’t. You know why? Traffic. Oh no, I’m not stuck in traffic ( Thank goodness! ), but I can hear the people disrupting it in the comfort of my own home.
These people are constantly playing extremely loud music. They’re blocking the roads. From the window, I can make out that the cars which I saw two hours ago, are still at the exact spot.
These people are celebrating a festival. Don’t get me wrong, I love festivals, but when I can CLEARLY hear the music they’re playing till my twenty-fifth floor flat, I get REALLY mad.
I genuinely feel that noise pollution is THE most underrated of all pollutions. We all talk about air, water and soil pollution, but for noise, we turn a deaf ear. All this noise is turning my brain into mush.
I have a few questions for the people who love blocking roads and who spread noise pollution:
1)Is it fun? Disrupting everyone’s weekend?
2)You’re extremely happy and you want to celebrate this thing you’re extremely excited about. Go for it! But really? Does this celebration come at a price of bursting everyone’s ear drums?
3)Why can’t you celebrate your celebration someplace private?
4)Isn’t it irritating? Celebrating on the road?
5)Is it honestly worth it?

Whew! Just had to rant about it! Had to get it off my chest. I want to hear your thoughts? Do people celebrate really noisy festivals around you? Do comment!

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15 thoughts on “Traffic jam mush

  1. entropy

    I agree totally. Due to my sensitivity I am extremely sensitive for sudden sounds. There are plenty of them in this flat. The police doesn’t act because it has ZERO priority.

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  2. KatsuoK

    This is an honest mystery to me. WHY do people do this? It’s not just festivals, though, I could be happily walking down the street, minding my own business, and then suddenly a car drives past and practically makes me comatose from the sheer volume of it’s music! I, personally, think my music taste is much better, but you don’t see me walking down the street with a boom box on my shoulder singing along!
    I just- I despair, with these people, I really do.
    Great post, though! People need to be more aware about these things 😀

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  3. Noise Pollution…aaarrrgggghhh!

    It boils down to simple disrespect for others around you. I loath when the car next to you has it’s radio at full blast. Really? I can’t make out the words to whatever song you’re playing, so I’m certain your eardrums have blown out. Disrespect.

    Great rant/post.

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