Let it consume you,
Let it choke you,
Let it infiltrate you,
Let it annihilate you,
Let it take over you,
You wont be able to take it anymore.
            Don’t deny it,
            Don’t suppress it,
            Don’t let go of it,
            Don’t forget it,
            Don’t hate it,
You will crumble to the floor.

You will not get it,
You will get it,
You won’t hate it,
You will hate it,
You will want to get rid of it,
But you will be addicted to it.
               It welcomes you,
               It destroys you,
               It shatters you,
               It crushes you,
               It breaks you,
And you feel so dead,
That each breath makes you wonder,
“How am I still alive?”
          You lived through the pain,
           You made it out alive,
           You have so much to gain,
       YOU  have to prosper and thrive.

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


Well, I’ve been nominated for many awards, but due to exams, I did not have the time to answer all those questions. To everyone who nominated me in the past I’m extremely grateful and, sorry. I promise that from this day on, I’m gonna accept all the awards and answer all the questions. Once again, I’m extremely sorry.

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award is to recognise the contribution of women bloggers around the world. And I absolutely believe in Girl Power! So let’s get started!


1)Thank the person who nominated you and share the award on your blog.

2)Nominate 10 other bloggers and notify them.

3)Write down 10 different questions for them to answer.

I’ve been nominated by the lovely Evgenia. Thank you so much for nominating me!

1)What is your favourite thing to do for yourself?

I absolutely love reading, writing, exercising, listening to music  and watching anime. All these tasks help me relax and rejuvenate.

2)Which season do you like the most and why?

I absolutely love Winter. Here in India, it’s always way too hot. And, winters are a nice break from the heat and humidity.tumblr_mse7z6qYAV1sbafcao1_500

3)Describe yourself in three words.

Unique Mixture of Awesomeness (Abbreviation – U.M.A)imgext

4)Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Working in an ad agency, preferably in Japan or United Kingdom. Super successful, super rich and super happy.

5)What does friendship mean to you?

Complete and utter trust. tumblr_majwdkXm2g1qfdwsio1_540

6)What makes you happy?

Once again, reading,writing,exercising,listening to music and watching anime. And pasta in pink sauce. And nachos. And cornettos. And donuts. Lot’s of donuts.


7)Which is your favourite holiday and why?

I honestly don’t have any favourite holidays. No wait, my favourite holidays are half of Friday,and Saturday. I don’t like Sunday because the next day is Monday.

8)What do you do to make this world a better place?

I compliment others. I recycle old newspapers. I don’t play loud music.

9)Favourite person to be around?

My mom. Guys, I’m gonna let you in on a secret – My mom is the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s the nicest person to be around. Even if we’re in the same room doing different things, I just find it peaceful that she is close to me.

10)What’s your favourite quote?

”When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” -Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

So, My 10 nominees are





5)Dimple Malhotra



8)Akanksha Varma



My 10 questions for you all are:

1)Which is/are your favourite book/books of all time?

2)What makes you wanna write?

3)What does love mean to you?

4)How do you get over YOUR insecurities?

5)Who is your crush of all time and why? (Please do add a pic as well)

6)How would you change the world?

7)Which are your current favourite songs?

8)Write a six word story.

9)What motivates YOU?

10)Love, money or luck?

I hope you guys participate! These are really interesting questions,and I hope to read interesting answers to them!

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Life hacks #2

So, I turned eighteen this Thursday. It had been an awesome but an extremely chaotic day. I had been out for more than twelve hours. Needless to say, I woke up the next day at two pm.
On the twenty third of this month, ten minutes before twelve am, I was hyperventilating. The following was my thought process :-
‘Oh my god! It’s my birthday tomorrow! I’m nervous but excited. Who will wish me? Will my best friends call me at midnight? Will my parents throw me a surprise party? What presents will I get? Will I feel any different? Will I feel older all of a sudden?’
As you can read, my thoughts were jumbled. I was thinking WAY too much. Although the day was important, I was thinking constantly about it. And then at the stroke of midnight, I had an epiphany. I said,” Don’t take any day too seriously. It’s just a day. Sure it is important but I shouldn’t expect anything of it. I should just accept anything and everything that comes in my way on this day.”
All of us have days which are extremely important for us. Be it our graduation, wedding day or in my case, my eighteenth birthday. We always want everything to be perfect on THIS particular day. We don’t want anything to go wrong, so we think, and we plan, and then we think some more. This extra thinking puts a lot of stress on us before and on these special days. But we forget the most important lesson, we forget that life is unpredictable. THE special day maybe good or bad. There maybe things that may go right and things that may go wrong. We can control the day only to a certain extent. Therefore, we shouldn’t expect.
So,my readers, don’t put pressure on yourselves to make a day perfect, because it never will be perfectly perfect.
This hack has been tried and tested and is 100 percent Ramexa approved!

PS. I swear to God, this is the last birthday post of this year.

What do you think of this hack? Do comment!

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Birthday Paradox

Me : Yay!!!! My birthday is finally here! I’m gonna make these 24 hours count!

Me: Oh my God! My birthday ONLY lasts 24 hours. And then I’ve gotta wait for another year!


My birthday was amazing! I had an awesome time with my friends and family! And, not to forget you awesome fellow WordPress bloggers! Thank you so much for all your wishes! 😀



After waiting for 364 days, the day has finally arrived. Today is my birthday. Oh gosh! I still can’t believe it! I turn 18 today. I’ve been waiting for so long to be considered as an adult, but ironically, I don’t feel any different.
                My lovely friends have wished me in lovely different ways. And, my parents got a yummy caramel cake from my favorite bakery!
                  So today’s plan is as follows:
1)First thing in the morning, get the end-of-semester exam over with.
2)Go out and shop till I drop with mom and dad in the afternoon.
3)Have an awesome dinner with friends.
        And that’s basically it.
What do you usually do on your birthday? What are your plans this year? Do comment!

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– Ramsha.



They look at me weirdly,
Like I’m a unicorn with wings,
They can never see me clearly,
I’m a queen, in a world of kings.
    They turn into statues when I talk,
    As if I’m the snake-haired medusa.
    They like pop while I like rock,
    A lily in the world of petunias.
They can’t believe that I’m not them,
That I’m not two-faced,
I feel like I’m always condemned,
By their narrow-eyed gaze.
         I would always wonder,
         “What’s wrong with me?”
         I felt like I was a blunder,
         Their words wouldn’t set me free.
After a lot of introspection,
I came to the conclusion,
That I don’t need validation,
Or any superficial adoration,
For not being an imitation.

This poem is for those who never fit in, anywhere. Those who don’t belong anywhere. Those who aren’t  ‘normal’ , but instead are ‘different’ and ‘weird.’

If anyone wants to talk, do contact me at: 🙂

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