Books Vs. E-books


I’ve read many books in my lifetime, but then again, I’m not that old yet. In this age of technology, everything is being replaced, and books are no exception.
     So, let’s talk about this today. What’s better books or e-books?
BOOKS : Pros
1)Actual pages, ergo, a literal page turner.
2)Real edges, thicker edges, the feel of a real book.
3)The book smell. Come on, you know that smell, whether it’s a new or an old book, it always smells good. Hmm..that book smell. 😀
4)The happiness of having a mini library in the house 🙂
5)Having soooooooooo many books that they don’t fit on your bookshelf. Most of my read books aren’t even on my bookshelf. Most of them are in my storage bed.
6)The happiness of buying REAL books!
7)Having THAT limited edition, special, hard bound book.

1)They get really old and wrinkly after a while. And your mom tells you to give them away, and you can’t because they’re THAT important.
2)They take up toooooooo much space.
3)They can get torn or wet really easily.
4)They’re usually costlier than e-books or kindle.


E-BOOKS : Pros
1)You can carry thousands of books in one single piece of technology.
2)They’re usually cheaper than regular books
3)They take up very less space.
4)All your precious books will never get wrinkly. And, they’ll never get torn or bent.
5)It’s way easier to carry books. Since the device weighs less than 500 gms and has smooth flatter edges.

1)No real book smell 😦
2)No actual mini library. 😦 again
3)Can break, ergo, all your books will be gone too.

So, what’s the verdict?I absolutely love both real and e-books. They both have pros and cons. They both fulfill they’re duty, which is to make the reader fall in love with them or inspire them.
       Books are better because we are used to it. Books are comforting and they’ve always been tangible.
         E-books are better because they’re lighter. They take up very little space. And the fact that it’s easier to type than write, also helps a lot.



I feel like I haven’t posted in a long, long time. PS. It’s just been three days. I need to step up my game. Pull up my socks. Pick up my pen. I think you get the idea.

Anyway, what do you prefer??  Tangible,heavy books, or, Intangible, lighter books?? Do comment! 🙂

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68 thoughts on “Books Vs. E-books

  1. One of the beauties of “the cloud” is that if your device breaks, you don’t lose your books:) I like both and often switch between the two. But I think I lean more towards my e-reader since I have the tendency to read several books at the same time and I can always have them handy depending on what I am in the mood for;)

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  2. I love physical copies but when you are a reviewer you sometimes don’t have a choice but to read the digital format.

    When I am in trains or during my lunch break in college, I prefer reading from my tablet because it is much more convenient without having to worry about damaging books but at the same time it won’t help strike up a conversation that your actual book might. 🙂

    I think it’s the different circumstances that make me pick either. If I had a choice, then physical books would have been everywhere. 😛

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  3. There really shouldn’t be a “This is better than that” situation” here.
    Both are significant in the world today.
    Books are comforting. Albeit, they are inconvenient when it comes to storage and travel. That’s where the E-reader comes in the picture. Though it is convenient, it is by no means comforting.
    It’s the job of bookworms like us to try and integrate these two, rather than eliminate one.

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  4. The thing is it hurts my eyes even on the kindle ,I dint know I have super sensitive eyes maybe and I like turning pages and looking at the condition I bought the book in versus after reading . It’s totally bent especially if it was a thick one . I am old fashioned that way so I like physical books !

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  5. Shahridzuan Azali

    Hah! The battle that never ends! Lol… I’m completely for conventional books. For me, there’s just no satisfaction in reading a novel on the screen. Not only does it tire the eyes, I don’t get the chance to physically flip the pages. Ain’t that part of the reading treat? Flipping the pages with your fingers to discover what’s next? Always two sides to a coin..but my vote’s for conventional books!

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  6. I read a lot of e-books at the moment, but I would chose a physical book over an e-book anytime. It’s just not the same. I love the feeling of holding the book in my hands, turning the pages, and smelling that “book-y” smell.

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  7. I’ve always been very anti-kindles and e-books etc… as I just don’t think you can beat that feeling of having a book in your hand and I think we all spend waaaay too long looking at a screen anyway without adding another one to our lives. HOWEVER I have recently considered getting a kindle just for cookery books as I think this might be easier to work from in the kitchen and there are loads of cookery books that are only available on e-books (annoyingly)…plus, I hate getting food splashes on my cookery books when I’m cooking…I’m a little OCD about it I think! 🙂

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  8. Liv

    I like paper books better myself. I just love the look, the smell, but as you pointed out spills can be annoying. I’ve learned to look past the spills, I look at them more as memories. Is that weird???

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  9. I love reading blogs about books (one of my favorite topics)! Both types can be great, but actual books with pages will always be my favorite. Going to the e-book store will never be as magical as going to the real, live bookstore. Finding new books at the book store and taking them home is one of the best things ever. – Gabriella

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  10. Pingback: 3 Day Quote Challenge! Challenge Accepted! (2/3) | Matt-in-the-Hat

      1. True. I enjoy reading manga as a ebook and print.
        You’re welcome, if you need help with the challenge, you can ask me or look at the link as an example 😉

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  11. Joyous Darling

    I love this post! My heart will always be with books. Although technology grows….you can still drop a book in the ocean and dry out the pages – can’t do that with a kindle. Haha

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  12. The Otaku Judge

    I think both can exist. I find reading a traditional book more comfortable, but with storage space being limited I am starting to read more stuff electronically.

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  13. Reblogged this on newauthoronline and commented:
    A good post on the advantages and disadvantages of ebooks compared to their traditional counterparts. Being blind I relish the independence provided by electronic books. Most Kindle titles have text to speech enabled allowing visually impaired people to have books read aloud. I lack sufficient sight to read print books, consequently ebooks are a liberating invention. Having said that, I love the scent of physical books and possess many braille books. Its wonderful to sit with a real book on my knee leafing through the pages and I would be sad to see physical books go the way of the dodo. There is, I believe and hope a role for both traditional and electronic books. Kevin

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  14. To me books are not a solitary experience, I love to share them with my friends. Well, the good ones. And I could not do it with an e-book-reader. As another commenter already mentioned: You do not get to see what book is read by somebody on the same train as you if that person is using an e-book-reader, too. Another opportunity passed to “connect” with people.
    Plus, I love being surprised by the choice of books some people read. You know, a big, bear-like man, reading “Pride and prejudice” or a punk-teenager reading “The picture of Dorian Gray”. With an e-book-reader you never get your prejudices challenged. Another loss.
    Besides, I love to see my bookmark wandering slowly though the pages, I love to see how far I am into the story yet (knowing that there are – should be – turning points at half, at three quarters I always get a little restless when I come near that mark).
    The other advantages (besides the light-weight) of an e-book-reader (automatically opening the story where you left it, offering dictionaries for foreign languages, easy downloading of new stuff) are disadvantages, too. You never get to leaf through the book searching for the place you left of – and rereading several pages this way – you never need to memorise a word in a foreign language, as you can easily look it up – and you hoard even MORE books you have not read. Have you ever heard about tsundoku? At least with real piles I get reminded to read them. With electronical books on a reader? Not so much.
    Another firm REAL book admirer here.

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    1. Wow! Thank you so much for your awesome comment!! I just looked up tsundoku and I do exactly that! I have so many books to read but I never have the time, and yet I buy new books at every opportunity I get. E – books do have their drawbacks as you’ve clearly mentioned, but I feel that one day, real books will cease to exist, because of the ‘technological’ age. I love both equally and I cane never decide between them.

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      1. But the danger of hoarding books on your e-reader and “forgetting” you have them there is far higher than with real books! That is why I hoard real books – to be reminded I should do some reading amid all my internett-ing …

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  15. I like both, but I do notice that I go for books whenever I just want to pick something at random to read. Kind of like why I miss video rental stores and don’t have Netflix. I like the idea of browsing without button clicking and stumbling onto something unexpected. Still there isn’t that fear of ‘your break it, you bought it’ when checking the sample of an e-book.

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  16. Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

    Books are amazing and important, no matter the format. I love traditional books because you can connect a bit more with them and treasure them, if they’re among your favorites.


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