We humans are an enigma. We don’t understand other people, let alone ourselves. Allow me to explain.
All our lives we yearn to be two things:

1)To belong somewhere. We always want to belong in a particular group of people. We want to blend in with the crowd. We want the crowd to accept us. To welcome us with open arms. To be friends with the crowd.

2)To stand out. We want to be THAT undiscovered gem that shines the most. THAT beauty which is so extraordinary, which only we possess.
We should be THAT hauntingly beautiful melody which no one has heard before.

Don’t these WANTS of ours seem pretty contradictory? Why are we humans so confusing? We all want to be ducks, but at the same time THE one and only swan. I’m no exception. I don’t think any of us are.
                So, in conclusion, we humans are indecisive. We don’t know exactly what we want. All we know is that, we want IT.

Two posts in one day!!! Someone give me a cookie! I’m just kidding, I already ate one! 😀

What do YOU feel? Do you want to stand out or be a part of the crowd?
Do comment!

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27 thoughts on “Enigma

  1. You’ve got me thinking…
    As a child I wanted to be accepted by my peers, but they thought I was weird because my culture was different – that is, my family were middle class people who had moved to a rural, working class area which was unaccustomed, at that time, to city people like them.
    I tried to be more like them, but then they accused me of pretentiousness.
    So I went back to being me, and was pretty lonely for a long time, but as I get older I find people learn to like and appreciate differences.
    These days I have an eclectic miix of friends, most of them younger than me – some much, much younger. We each stand out in our way. and that’s how I like it. No uniforms and no silly rules.
    Thanks for sharing a great post.

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  2. skynimbus

    Why do you think my blog’s called Paradoxical? 😂
    Great post!
    You could’ve shared that cookie. I would’ve shared my orange popsicle with you. 😐

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  3. lookingforagirlshadow

    Everyone wants to stand out, everyone wants to feel special, no one want to be a part of a crowd, no one wants to be forgotten, but if you think about it, we all are going to die and some day there will be no crowd or someone to stand up. People get so worried about being noticed that they forget how in ten, five years that will no longer matter.
    That is how I think.

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  4. I want to stand out. I am known by many through out my high school but I never identity myself with a group, I distance myself and work hard to try to stand out on the things that I love to do.

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  5. I think that to some degree, you’re 100℅ correct. We all want to be validated by people at some point, but I think one of the biggest steps to growing up is realizing that you don’t need that approval. Beautiful post!

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  6. Indeed we are an enigma, complex, unfathomable much more like the abyss…hard to understand because of so many mixtures of combination of culture, background, experiences, perception, faith or belief that makes us who we are–uniquely imperfectly human. Love your post! 🙂

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