A few more facts about me!


Yassssssss!!!!!!! After a month and 17 days of writing , I’ve finally got over 200 followers!!!!!! Thank you everyone and anyone who’s read, liked, commented and followed my blogs!!! Thank you all so much for your love. Keep it coming anyway! 😀
             In the past, I’ve been nominated for The Leibster Award, by atleast four awesome bloggers, but I’ve been extremely busy with studies. So today, I’ll just answer a few random questions.

1)When is your birthday?
24th September. Unfortunately, my exams are coming up on the 16th. 😦
And not only that, there’s an exam in my birthday!

2)Which song are you currently obsessed with?
Dark times by The weeknd ft Ed Sheeran. If you haven’t heard it yet, you’re missing out on an awesome song!!

3)How many siblings do you have?
None. I’m the only child. It gets kinda lonely sometimes. But, then again, I get undivided attention from my parents.

4)Do you exercise? And if you do, which kind of exercise?
Yes I do. I think I’m one if those few people who actually love working out. Exercise for me is absolute bliss. Exercise makes me feel like I’ve treated my body the way it’s supposed to be treated. I do a lot of HIIT, also known as high intensity interval training and strength training.

5)Books or movies.
Books, books, books!!!! Books are way, way, Way better!!! Books are fuel for the imagination.

As I’ve finally achieved my goal of getting 200 followers before my exams commence, I’ve decided to do something special. I’m gonna share my email with you all! I would love to know all my fellow bloggers better! You all can tell me anything!  If anyone needs anyone to talk to, I’m there. Please don’t hesitate.

Email – ramexa8@gmail.com

Which song are you currently obsessed with? Do you prefer books or movies? Do you like exercise? Do comment!

And, as always if you like what I write, please like, comment and follow ’cause it’s free anyway! 😀


38 thoughts on “A few more facts about me!

      1. I know. When mine started to grow I was excited. I mean I know that some of my topics are “taboo” but sometimes I still wish my blog grew like others. But I am very grateful for my readers and followers. I am really happy for you and I love your writing.

        Sincerely, Mesha

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  1. Hey congratulations😊😊… I started my blog 5 months ago and I have 103 followers now.. You started 1month ago and got 200 followers ,,, amazing… May I have some tips? 😜😜

    Liked by 2 people

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