13 thoughts on “Waxing

  1. In my previous work, the women there think that having hair on your legs is “unprofessional” looking. So I tried this waxing thing, and then I cried. Hahahahaha

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  2. Oh my God yes! The worst part is that society tries to ignore that fact that it’s painful, and a complete waste of time, because a woman’s main aim in life is to hide her flaws. We’re humans, not a completely different set of species like the world makes it seem it be.

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  3. There are two ways to look at it.

    Not everyone does waxing to fit in with society.

    Firstly, being generally repulsed by my body hair, I see it as a means to remove it. A painful way but still. I suggest plugging your earphones and listening to music while it’s done.
    However, me being repulsed by my body hair has nothing to do with the notion of fitting in. I just find it gross and prefer smooth skin. Society has definitely NOT played a role in shaping my opinions on body hair. That is a personal choice.
    Secondly, there are many hygienic reasons as well. Many people with a lot of hair (such as me) can’t seem to remove dead skin cells effectively by any other way. Waxing proves to be a means to do that. Also, waxing your underarms is hygienic. I’d rather go through some pain and get rid of unwanted underarm hair rather than have big yellow sweat stains on my tops. Also, when you have a lot of body hair and sweat a lot, it itches like crazy! Waxing stops that as well. People also wax for sexual reasons and at times, religious reasons as well.

    There’s nothing wrong with waxing. It has its pros and cons.
    However, what NEEDS TO CHANGE is the manner in which society looks at body hair!
    I have friends who either wax, shave or go au naturel. But I make it a point to NEVER JUDGE any of them based on their manner of dealing with body hair. I became friends with them for who they are on the inside not because of their looks on the outside,
    Body hair is something which we are all born with. We are mammals, it’s something natural.
    Society needs to do away with superficiality and the so called “beauty standards”.
    Some of the most famous women today go au naturel. Notable examples being Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and Adriana Lima. Body hair hasn’t stopped any of these women from achieving their career goals and they inspire many women today to be comfortable with themselves.
    Society needs to learn that women are beautiful whether they shave, wax or go au naturel.
    Because at the end of the day, what truly matters is how beautiful you are on the inside.

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