They look at me weirdly,
Like I’m a unicorn with wings,
They can never see me clearly,
I’m a queen, in a world of kings.
    They turn into statues when I talk,
    As if I’m the snake-haired medusa.
    They like pop while I like rock,
    A lily in the world of petunias.
They can’t believe that I’m not them,
That I’m not two-faced,
I feel like I’m always condemned,
By their narrow-eyed gaze.
         I would always wonder,
         “What’s wrong with me?”
         I felt like I was a blunder,
         Their words wouldn’t set me free.
After a lot of introspection,
I came to the conclusion,
That I don’t need validation,
Or any superficial adoration,
For not being an imitation.

This poem is for those who never fit in, anywhere. Those who don’t belong anywhere. Those who aren’t  ‘normal’ , but instead are ‘different’ and ‘weird.’

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29 thoughts on “Them

  1. parisianpages

    this is so me. I’ve recently transfered to a new school and I’m finding it hard to fit in . I sat alone at lunch last week when I finally decided I was going to eat at school and I felt like such a looser .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. parisianpages

      plus everyone is already group in their friend circles , …it’s just hard
      I’ve been rambling and I forgot to tell you that your poem is amazing 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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