After waiting for 364 days, the day has finally arrived. Today is my birthday. Oh gosh! I still can’t believe it! I turn 18 today. I’ve been waiting for so long to be considered as an adult, but ironically, I don’t feel any different.
                My lovely friends have wished me in lovely different ways. And, my parents got a yummy caramel cake from my favorite bakery!
                  So today’s plan is as follows:
1)First thing in the morning, get the end-of-semester exam over with.
2)Go out and shop till I drop with mom and dad in the afternoon.
3)Have an awesome dinner with friends.
        And that’s basically it.
What do you usually do on your birthday? What are your plans this year? Do comment!

And, as always, if you like what I write, like, comment and follow! It’s free anyway! πŸ˜€

– Ramsha.

50 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Happy birthday! Yum – caramel cake. Do you have any left over for your readers?
    On my birthday I usually try to keep my head down, but my children always arrange a celebration in one or the other of their homes, and I always appreciate it.

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  2. Ankit Mishra

    Lovely.. πŸ™‚
    Yea.. that feeling! When you are little you are eager to become an adult, and when you grow up being an adult is a strange feeling. πŸ˜›
    I mostly have done this on my b’day’s (from the time I was able to be thoughtful πŸ˜› ), I have been going to temple nearby and after it I always share sweets and chocolates with kids in orphanage(s). πŸ™‚

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