Let it consume you,
Let it choke you,
Let it infiltrate you,
Let it annihilate you,
Let it take over you,
You wont be able to take it anymore.
            Don’t deny it,
            Don’t suppress it,
            Don’t let go of it,
            Don’t forget it,
            Don’t hate it,
You will crumble to the floor.

You will not get it,
You will get it,
You won’t hate it,
You will hate it,
You will want to get rid of it,
But you will be addicted to it.
               It welcomes you,
               It destroys you,
               It shatters you,
               It crushes you,
               It breaks you,
And you feel so dead,
That each breath makes you wonder,
“How am I still alive?”
          You lived through the pain,
           You made it out alive,
           You have so much to gain,
       YOU  have to prosper and thrive.

29 thoughts on “Failure

  1. missmonsoon

    Very beautifully written Ramexa. Every part of it is true.
    I know, i recently had a heart breaking failure. ‘i felt dead but each breadth did make me am i still alive??’
    I didn’t forget it..i didn’t hate it. So here i am after my 1st job interview failure..working my ass off on the 2nd job. hahaha
    failure do give you reason..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the use of ‘you’ in this poem, and how it shifts at the end to portray failure as something that can be embraced as a way forward and out of the darkness it brings. Effective structure, I love this kind of poetry!

    Liked by 1 person

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