Feels paradox

Me: I get too attached to everyone and everything. Why doesn’t anyone care? Why can’t I just seek validation from myself?

Me: I don’t care about anyone or anything. They don’t matter. I can’t give a damn to those who don’t give a damn about me.

Why did you leave me

Why did you leave me?
When I needed you the most?
       You made the sun shine brighter.
        And made me a fearless fighter.
Why was it love at first sight?
You’re being mentioned in a post.
       You inspired me to love me for me.
        We were like sugar and green tea.
Why did you make me fantasize?
Of all the times I would boast,
     About how perfectly we would fit.
     We made the world’s greatest hit.
Why can’t I find you anywhere?
I’ve searched from coast to coast.
      Where are you?
      Oh, where are you?
      My scarlet red top.
I need you so that my eyes will pop.
      My figure-hugging top.
I love you because you’re not cropped.
      My long sleeved top.
You were always a hit and never a flop.
      My all time favourite top.
That was the best day, the day you were shopped.
     My confidence-boosting top.
Now I’m forced to wear the boring top the colour of taupe!



We all carry the world on our shoulders,
Mental or physical, heavy as boulders.
    The weight is completely crushing,
     Knees on the ground, brushing.
           The world rests like a crown,
            Our faces marred into a frown.
We just want to get rid of it all,
So that life can again be a ball.
           We just want to be ever-happy,
           Not sad and overly-sappy.
The weight we carry isn’t the same,
We’re on different levels of the game.
           We got to lose sometimes to rise,
           Let go of those suppressed cries.
We’ve gotta keep moving on,
And take control of this life before it’s gone.


Normal is defined as being standard or usual. But honestly, who is normal these days? I haven’t met anyone normal all my life.
        I’m not normal, my friends aren’t normal and neither are you, my dear reader. We’re all different in some way or the other, and since we’re all different, we’re all weird. Let me explain.
          We all think different, act different, eat different types of food, and have different types of cultures. All of these factors contribute us to be different. Also, outer beauty plays a big role in the way we think. Some of us who are beautiful on the outside usual tend to be less beautiful on the inside. And the worst part is that, these peoples’ beauty is termed as the ideal standard of beauty. We don’t realise that outer beauty is just an undeserving gift bestowed upon us by our genes.
            Why do we term some people as “weird”? Just because they have different preferences than us, they’re weird, huh?
            According to me, they’re only two types of people in this world:
1)The Good weird
2)The Bad weird

1)The Good weird
These people are genuinely nice. They do have a few preferences that you don’t, but they don’t make fun of your choices. They respect everyone and everything. These people are the most uncomplicated. They only have one face. Not two. They’re true. And finally, these people change the world for the better.

2)The Bad weird
These people just cannot be nice. They always make fun of your preferences. They don’t respect you or your self-esteem. Unfortunately, they have two faces. And the one on the outside may be pretty, but the one on the inside certainly isn’t. They’re the definition of the word ‘False’. And finally, these people change the world for the worse.

So finally, if you ever come across a person who’s ‘weird’, just take a few steps back and decide whether that person is ‘good weird’ or ‘bad weird’.

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I’m done. I’m just done.

I tried to make you like me,
But what I couldn’t see,
That I couldn’t change you,
The same way I can’t change me.
        There’s no point in trying,
         I’ve spent all this time crying,
         Being truthful to you,
         When you kept on lying.
I was just so insanely keen,
But you were just so mean,
I cannot be with you,
‘Cause you’re a two-faced “queen.”
               I was hooked like stupid bait,
               I thought it was a lovely fate,
               The times spent with you,
                But now I can’t even hate.
I don’t have a claim over you,
No more time to be wasted on you,
‘Cause I’ve gotta work on me.
‘Cause I just can’t be like you.

Mammoth Leibster Award


I’ve been nominated for the Leibster Award by AdiC, ateenagediaryonline, Casual Procrastinator, JustAverageTeenMe and lifewithlilred. Thank you all so much for nominating me! I’m honoured and humbled at the same time! Since this is a gigantic post of accumulated questions, I’ve decided to tweak the rules a little as well.

The Rules:

1)Make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you and include the Leibster Award sticker in the post.

2)I nominate each and every person who reads this post. You’re all awesome and I would like to know a bit more about everyone! 🙂

3)All nominated bloggers can have any number of followers, since I have more than 200 as well.

4)Answer 11 questions posed by your nominator. You all can answer any questions you like. 🙂

I’ve got a ton of awesome questions to be answered! So let’s get started!

Casual Procrastinator’s questions:

1)What encouraged you to start your blog?

Another blogger encouraged me actually. I saw how easy it was for him to put down thoughts into words, and that’s exactly what inspired me.

2)How do you personally define Love?

Love is trust. Love is the faith. Love is brutal. Love is pain. But nonetheless, Love is magical.

3)What is your favourite food?

Pasta, in any shape or form, in pink sauce. Oh! And also, rajma chawal. It’s red kidney beans in gravy with rice. Super yummy!

4)When did you feel like you blog made it? Or are you still dubious to whether it’s worthy?

Let me describe blogging in three words – Passion. Frustration. Elation.

Blogging is a constant mixture of the three. I do feel like I’ve achieved a few milstones in a short amount of time, but my ultimate goal is to constantly improve my writing style.

5)What’s your favourite video game?

Road Rash and Peggle Deluxe.


6)Do you own a car? What type?

I don’t own a car yet, but I hope to own a Porsche Cayenne someday.


7)How do you take your coffee?

Lot’s of milk and sugar!

8)What does a blog need to have to attract you to it?

Good writing. It’s subjective really. I like many types of diverse blogs.

9)How did you come up with your blog’s name?


Ram – Ramsha, ‘Cause ya know, it’s half of my name.

Exa – Alexa,from the 2009 movie,’ Barbie and the diamond castle.’ Don’t judge me. I made my email when I was 11. And then, Ramexa just kinda stuck.Alexa

Bella – Bella Swan. And also because just Ramexa was taken on WordPress.

10)How long have you been blogging?

I wrote my first post on 26th July, 2015. So, 81 days in total. 🙂

Ateenagediaryonline’s questions:

1)What is your favourite book into movie adaptation and why?

CATCHING FIRE!!!!!!!!!! The movie did full justice to the book!

2)Which is your favourite album ever?

Absolution by Muse. Each and every song is a masterpiece! Especially ‘Hysteria’! If you haven’t heard it, you need to this instant!

3)Who’s your role model?

My mom. She’s amazing at every aspect of her life! She handles life with ease.

4)What is your favourite quote?


If you know which movie this is from,you’re awesome and do comment! 😀

5)What is your clothing style?

Unpredictable. One day all black, with heavy makeup, the next day, all girly with minimum makeup.

6)Do you wear makeup?

Yup. Eye liner, mascara and lip balm to be exact. Also a bit of eyeshadow sometimes.

7)Which is your favourite blog?

They’re just so many! I love each and every blog I follow!

8)Who’s your favourite youtuber?

DAN HOWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aka Danisnotonfire! If you don’t know him, go check him out! He’s the funnist, goofiest, most awkward and most relatable youtuber ever!!!!


10)What is your opinion of ’emo’ or ‘scene’ people?

I like emo people. I just don’t feel like we all should stereotype them.

11)What is the one thing you would love for Christmas?

I already got it! You all will be notified of it very soon! 😉

AdiC’s questions:

1)If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why?

The power to influence probabilities. Just think about it, the possibilities are endless!

2)Which is better – Harry Potter the book or the film?

I’ve got a confession to make. I’m currently reading The Philosopher’s stone for the first time ever. Yeah, I know. But, so far, I’m enjoying the book more than the movie.

3)Which is the last picture you took with your phone?

A selfie. A blurry one.

4)What is the colour of your toothbrush?

Blue and white.

5)If you could be a flower, which one would you be?

Lilies. They’re the prettiest of them all!


6)Polar bear or penguin?

Penguins! They’re adorable!


7)You just won a free ticket to anywhere on Earth. Where would you go?

Japan. Japan! JAPAN!!!!!!!

8)Koala bear or panda?



9)If you could marry a fictional character, who would it be and why?

Edward Cullen. I’m still not fully over my Twilight craze phase.

10)What question do you hate to answer?

“Could you say your name again please, I forgot!” Rum-Shaa!! How difficult is that?! It’s just two syllables!

Lifewithlilred’s questions:

1)What’s the one beauty item you cannot live without?


2)Which are three of your favourite bands?

MUSE, Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy.

3)The best gift you’ve ever received?

I just received it a few days ago. 😉

4)The weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?

Dragon fruit. It’s beautiful from the outside but tasteless from the inside. It’s over-hyped. I’m not attaching a picture of it ’cause I don’t like it at all.

5)Favourite childhood movie?

SHAUN OF THE DEAD!!!!!!! It’s the perfect blend of Zombies, Romance and Comedy!


6)Your favourite pair of shoes?

A simple pair of black slippers.

7)A story of the worst date you’ve ever been on?

Hehe.. I haven’t been on a date yet.

8)Favourite book?

The Hunger Games trilogy!!!!!!!!!


9) Do you have any pets?

Not yet. I want a cat though. Are you a cat or a dog person? Do comment!

10)What is your favourite subject to blog about?


And, finally, JustAverageTeenMe’s questions:

1)What’s your favourite joke?


2)If money didn’t exist, then what would you do in a day?

Watch anime, read and write.

3)What’s your biggest fear?

I’m sorry but I can’t give away my Kryptonite.

4)What do you think should be taught in schools?

Learning should just be made FUN!

5)If you could go back in time, which year would you travel to and why?

The Roaring Twenties! I just adore the fashion!


6)How would your friends describe you?

I asked my best friend this question and she said the following – Vivacious, Practical, Optimistic and full of life. She’s so sweet! She’s the best!

7)Pet peeves?

When people stop in the middle of a crowded area just to text! Just MOVE!

8)How many pillows do you use at night?

One. Not more, not less.

9)Are you a clean or a messy person?

A bit of both!

10)Anything you wish would come back in fashion?

Nothing really. But I hate jeans and leggings! Jeans are too tight. Leggings are too clingy. I want pajamas to be publicly acceptable! VOTE FOR PAJAMAS!!!!

WHEW! This is officially the longest post I’ve ever written! I hope you all like these parts of me that I’ve shared today.

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I want to get better.

I know I’ve gotta do something,
To change my thinking,
To be great at anything,
I know I’ve gotta be that something.
            But I don’t want to,
            I don’t want to be you,
            I wanna be my own pit crew,
            But I do want to.
I don’t want to be just ‘someone’,
I want to learn and have fun,
This is not over and done,
I want to be the ‘someone’.
     How does everyone perfectly know?
     The way to use the arrow and bow,
     The correct way to knead the dough,
      I want to know what they know.
I’ve gotta be absolutely amazing,
To not be just an unknown ‘who’,
I’ve gotta be that special one,
My curiosity needs to expand and grow.

Twilight has returned.

A few years ago, the teenage girls and moms of the world, well, mostly teenage girls, had been introduced to the world of ‘Twilight’, and then, their lives changed forever….

The minions are oooohing with interest.

           I came to know of this phenomenon about six years ago, so basically in the seventh grade. One day, one of my classmates could not stop talking about this new, mystical book called ‘Twilight’ and rolling my eyes, I said to her,”Sheesh! A vampire love story. Great.”Then that same night, my mother bought Twilight and gushed on about it. I couldn’t believe the coincidence! Being an avid reader myself, I decided to give Twilight a shot. I read it, then I watched the movie, and then I fangirled over it. Hard. I was in love with the idea that an extremely simple, unimportant girl could find love in a brooding, hot, sexy and well, the ‘ideal’ guy. I was always Team Edward. Always. I would fangirl over it all the time. Twilight consumed me. I was lost in the fantastical world of vampires and werewolves. I bought the succeeding books, the graphic novels,the official illustrated guide and the novella – A short second life of Bree Tanner. I was obsessed. I truly believed that I would never fall out of my love for Twilight.
               I even bought the Twilight Barbie dolls. Yup. Let that sink in. Twilight. Barbie. Dolls.

I only bought Edward and Bella. I really didn't like Jacob.
And, I bought the wedding version of the dolls as well.

              But then, the inevitable happened. I fell out of love with Twilight. I began finding flaws in the books and the movies. I couldn’t believe that Bella could get pregnant, I just couldn’t. That plot hole still baffles me to this day. 
                I realised that I never really liked the characters much, I just liked the idea of Edward. I was obsessed with the idea of Edward. I realised that Bella was a bland, boring and a whiny character. I realised that my obsession was solely based on Edward.
               The main cause of me not liking Twilight anymore was the internet. Let me explain. Whenever something, anything is over-hyped, people are bound criticise it. And my oh my, people criticised Twilight extensively on the internet. I read everything Twilight-related on the net, and slowly but eventually, I realised that my obsession with Twilight was stupid. Yup. Stupid.
            And now, a few years later, Twilight is back! Well in a newer, gender-swapped version. Yup. You read that right. Stephenie Meyer has announced that in order to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the series, a new book called ‘Life and death: Twilight reimagined’ is going to be released. Now, Edward is gonna be known as  Edythe, Bella as Beau, and Jacob as Julie. Not only that, all the characters except Charlie and Renee are going to be gender-swapped.
             When I came to know of this, all those moments of love and adoration towards the series came rushing back. And then, I caught myself. I couldn’t believe that I was still crazy about it. I was torn. I didn’t know whether I should be happy or upset. But now, I’ve made my decision. I am going to buy the new book, simply because I’m curious. And excited. And furious. But, mostly curious.

The cover of the new novel.

             So, what do you think of all this my dear readers? Are you going to buy the new book? And if so, why?
Do comment!
             PS. I was nominated for a short story challenge, two Leibster awards, and the three day quote challenge. I was gonna write down all those posts, but I really felt that Twilight should be discussed about first. To the people who nominated and challenged me, I swear I’m gonna get to those posts after this one.
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So a few days ago my exams finally ended. The pressure I was under, was almost tangible. I can finally breathe again. Whew!
          Exams are the worst. And here’s the list of reasons why :
1)My exam room was on the FIFTH floor. And although my college has an elevator, we students are only allowed to climb stairs. This is extremely problematic because most of the students’ exam rooms would be on the first floor, and they wouldn’t have to climb much. But  I would have to climb  five flights of stairs every exam! It was just extremely annoying. I was nervous enough to write the papers, but then I had to climb five floors worth of stairs, catch my breath, calm down, and then proceed to write my paper.
          2) I was placed on the second bench. We all need to sit according to our roll numbers, and coincidentally, my roll number ended up being right in the front. The person before me didn’t show up for any of the exams, so I was directly under the steely gaze of the supervisor.
       3)I was highly under prepared for exams. No, not because I’m lazy but because two months into our semester, they sent us the timetable for the final exams. Our semester was supposed to begin in March, but it really began in JULY. JULY. Let that sink in. How am I supposed to revise if I haven’t even started learning the chapter? I was extremely excited for college. I thought that I would study the hardest and get the best grades, but after they informed us about the finals so soon, I lost all my motivation.
           4)School and college should be about LEARNING something new. But we give more importance to marks and grades. We don’t see how smart a student is, we just see how much he can cram in order to get more marks. We all student are well trained but not well educated. Education should be empowering not degrading. But, alas, we fail to see the point of education.


Let me ask a question to you all – When was the last time you went to school or college you were excited? And not to meet your friends, but SOLELY for the purpose of learning something new?
Do comment and let me know.
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