So a few days ago my exams finally ended. The pressure I was under, was almost tangible. I can finally breathe again. Whew!
          Exams are the worst. And here’s the list of reasons why :
1)My exam room was on the FIFTH floor. And although my college has an elevator, we students are only allowed to climb stairs. This is extremely problematic because most of the students’ exam rooms would be on the first floor, and they wouldn’t have to climb much. But  I would have to climb  five flights of stairs every exam! It was just extremely annoying. I was nervous enough to write the papers, but then I had to climb five floors worth of stairs, catch my breath, calm down, and then proceed to write my paper.
          2) I was placed on the second bench. We all need to sit according to our roll numbers, and coincidentally, my roll number ended up being right in the front. The person before me didn’t show up for any of the exams, so I was directly under the steely gaze of the supervisor.
       3)I was highly under prepared for exams. No, not because I’m lazy but because two months into our semester, they sent us the timetable for the final exams. Our semester was supposed to begin in March, but it really began in JULY. JULY. Let that sink in. How am I supposed to revise if I haven’t even started learning the chapter? I was extremely excited for college. I thought that I would study the hardest and get the best grades, but after they informed us about the finals so soon, I lost all my motivation.
           4)School and college should be about LEARNING something new. But we give more importance to marks and grades. We don’t see how smart a student is, we just see how much he can cram in order to get more marks. We all student are well trained but not well educated. Education should be empowering not degrading. But, alas, we fail to see the point of education.


Let me ask a question to you all – When was the last time you went to school or college you were excited? And not to meet your friends, but SOLELY for the purpose of learning something new?
Do comment and let me know.
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43 thoughts on “Exams

  1. Hahaha. Welcome to college! A place closer to hell than highschool. 😂 I do agree on the learning part. How can students learn if they cram? 😕 How can we get good remarks if the professor imposses too many chapters to study for exams? 😢 And most importantly, college should be a place for learning, not a place for dying. 😭 But there are also times when college is fun. It is when we meet new people and interact with them. 😁 I Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. 😊

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  2. Love this post.. Exams are hard.. I died in most of them at school 😊😊 It is annoying how they judge a students capability on the grade they get. I failed alot of my exams in school but I know I did well in the lessons. I like you am at college now, and in my experience it is better than school. I have no exams just coursework 😊😊 Hope you have fun at college 😊😊 I wish you the best of luck 😊

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  3. entropy

    Although I didn’t make it through university, I regularly think back to the time I was in it. I looooved the syllaby, with formulas, conjectures and theories. 😀 Now I have a chronic illness but the academic way of thinking stayed with me 🙂 It is useful in life. 🙂


  4. ateenagediaryonline

    Love this post and I know how it feels to be sitting up the front but for most of my exams I am normally at the back. Also the fifth floor thing sucks! I can barely walk up three floors without almost passing out 🙂

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  5. Hey you know what, I feel the same exams suck and college syllable is not at all relatable to what we do for living in the future yet.. May be when I go further in my college It may mean something… And yeah last week I gave a paper presentation in my college that was the moment I was excited… 😊😊

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  6. My happiest day at both elementary school and high school was my last one. University was different. It was all a long time ago for me now (I’m 48), but I studied a subject I enjoyed, English literature, so most days were about having fun while learning new things.

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      1. Things may have changed, I guess. My degree wasn’t particularly relevant to my later career. I just studied something I was interested in.

        It may be these days that many people don’t feel they can do that and so are forced to study subjects that are very dry but important for getting a job later.

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