Twilight has returned.

A few years ago, the teenage girls and moms of the world, well, mostly teenage girls, had been introduced to the world of ‘Twilight’, and then, their lives changed forever….

The minions are oooohing with interest.

           I came to know of this phenomenon about six years ago, so basically in the seventh grade. One day, one of my classmates could not stop talking about this new, mystical book called ‘Twilight’ and rolling my eyes, I said to her,”Sheesh! A vampire love story. Great.”Then that same night, my mother bought Twilight and gushed on about it. I couldn’t believe the coincidence! Being an avid reader myself, I decided to give Twilight a shot. I read it, then I watched the movie, and then I fangirled over it. Hard. I was in love with the idea that an extremely simple, unimportant girl could find love in a brooding, hot, sexy and well, the ‘ideal’ guy. I was always Team Edward. Always. I would fangirl over it all the time. Twilight consumed me. I was lost in the fantastical world of vampires and werewolves. I bought the succeeding books, the graphic novels,the official illustrated guide and the novella – A short second life of Bree Tanner. I was obsessed. I truly believed that I would never fall out of my love for Twilight.
               I even bought the Twilight Barbie dolls. Yup. Let that sink in. Twilight. Barbie. Dolls.

I only bought Edward and Bella. I really didn't like Jacob.
And, I bought the wedding version of the dolls as well.

              But then, the inevitable happened. I fell out of love with Twilight. I began finding flaws in the books and the movies. I couldn’t believe that Bella could get pregnant, I just couldn’t. That plot hole still baffles me to this day. 
                I realised that I never really liked the characters much, I just liked the idea of Edward. I was obsessed with the idea of Edward. I realised that Bella was a bland, boring and a whiny character. I realised that my obsession was solely based on Edward.
               The main cause of me not liking Twilight anymore was the internet. Let me explain. Whenever something, anything is over-hyped, people are bound criticise it. And my oh my, people criticised Twilight extensively on the internet. I read everything Twilight-related on the net, and slowly but eventually, I realised that my obsession with Twilight was stupid. Yup. Stupid.
            And now, a few years later, Twilight is back! Well in a newer, gender-swapped version. Yup. You read that right. Stephenie Meyer has announced that in order to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the series, a new book called ‘Life and death: Twilight reimagined’ is going to be released. Now, Edward is gonna be known as  Edythe, Bella as Beau, and Jacob as Julie. Not only that, all the characters except Charlie and Renee are going to be gender-swapped.
             When I came to know of this, all those moments of love and adoration towards the series came rushing back. And then, I caught myself. I couldn’t believe that I was still crazy about it. I was torn. I didn’t know whether I should be happy or upset. But now, I’ve made my decision. I am going to buy the new book, simply because I’m curious. And excited. And furious. But, mostly curious.

The cover of the new novel.

             So, what do you think of all this my dear readers? Are you going to buy the new book? And if so, why?
Do comment!
             PS. I was nominated for a short story challenge, two Leibster awards, and the three day quote challenge. I was gonna write down all those posts, but I really felt that Twilight should be discussed about first. To the people who nominated and challenged me, I swear I’m gonna get to those posts after this one.
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54 thoughts on “Twilight has returned.

  1. mikiren

    no way has twilight been out for ten years! that’s insane. it only feels like yesterday people were getting hyped about it…i’d like to read the gender-swapped version, if only to see if male bella will be just as creepy as edward was…

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  2. Casual Procrastinator

    Hahaha I love this post. As a guy I don’t think I’m supposed to admit this, but I read the whole series when it was out. I was 19 at the time. I probbably won’t read the new stuff, but I can’t fault her for making it I suppouse. She did so well the first time around.

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  3. RedHeadedBookLover

    I am definitely, 100% going to buy the new novel! I have to because I love the twilight saga more than anything and I can’t believe it has been 10 years! That is insane. It felt just like yesterday when I picked up that first book and became hooked. Another awesome post !

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      1. RedHeadedBookLover

        Haha! I don’t think I will EVER get over twilight. I will probably still be in my 70’s reading and watching it lol

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  4. OMG! Even Jacob Barbie doll has better abs than me.

    Seriously, though, I don’t think I’ve ever been one of the Internet people who actively hated on Twilight. I saw the movies and came to enjoy them… You know, now that I think about it, maybe all of the Twilight hate I was reading at the time is what pushed me into enjoying Twilight. I have a thing for going against the grain, so when people really hate something, I tend to look for something about it that I like. I think that helped me to see the good in Twilight.

    And while I’m still not reading the books or any new books, I would like to see this re-imagined version made into a movie, just to see what it would look like.

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    1. There were many, many sites that pointed out Twilight’s flaws. And the internet always tends to criticise things than appreciate them. Me too. The re-imagined version looks pretty cool.

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  5. mypersonalteenlife

    Woah I didn’t even know Twilight had dolls. I actually really do want to read the book now after reading this post! When date does it come out?

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  6. I didn’t realise another book was being released, how exciting! I too was obsessed with Twilight when I was younger, but as they brought out the films I started to fall out of love with it. I didn’t like how OTT some of the effects were in the movies and as you said the holes in the plot made the film difficult to engage with at times. I will always have a soft spot for Edward though! xxx

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  7. Bubbles

    I can relate. I, like you, caught the Twilight feels when it came out. And I, like you, realised it was kinda stupid. Then I read Harry Potter and all my energy went into (AND STILL DOES XD) into that 😛

    BTW great blog you got! I’m loving all I’m reading so far!

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  8. I must say I did not feel a lot of love for Stephenie Meyer when I stumbled across the green book. An awful waste of paper just to prove that had Bella been a guy, the same story would have unfolded, when she could have probably just got on with writing the forever post poned Midnight Sun; twilight from Edward’s pov. I think that is what it was called. She has made me wait so long for it that I forgot it. And probably like most people lost interest in it. She has literally killed people’s buzz by not publishing it already. I doubt half as many people are still interested. I will probably read this when it gets cheaper. I was Team Edward too. Sorry for the essay 😅

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  9. Well, this is an eye-opener for sure! I had no idea that dolls existed; I’m glad my granddaughter Jenny didn’t know, she had her room covered in Twilight posters, bedcovers mugs – you name it (except for the dolls!) she had it. My youngest daughter and I agreed that Jacob was definitely our fav – after all, who wanted to cuddle up with some guy who sparkled all over and was hard and cold as stone? I read the books and saw the films; I thought the films better than the books really. I found Bella an extremely annoying and pathetic in places, especially in the second book when Edward went away. I just could not see what two guys could see in her. Guess that’s the point of the story really – that and the idea of love for eternity – after all, Stephanie Meyer is a Mormon. Unless one of the family gets the new book I don’t think I shall be reading it; I have done that already and I have so many other new and exciting books on my reading list – not to mention getting on and writing my own!

    Thanks very much for following me x

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  10. Jennifer F. Santucci

    I was one of those Twilight moms, but not crazy. When the hate started coming out, I was embarrassed and thought I should know better. But for all its flaws, I had to admit that the story got my interest. Twilight also introduced me to fandom friends. I’m still friends with some of them. (Our interests have moved passed Twilight.) It also furthered my writing skills. I cringe at just thinking about all the fanfic I wrote for that fandom, but the experience taught me that I can write stories people actually want to read.

    I did buy the new story. I’m excited to read it.

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  11. Wow! I used to love that book my friend and I would talk almost all the time. And by talk about it I mean obsess over it. I can’t belive it’s ten years old although I had absolutely no idea there was going to be another one. Or well a gender swapped version of it anyway and I don’t actually know if I’m want to read it. I an over twilight I don’t hate it because I enjoyed when I had it but now if u read it and I hate it I might have a bad memory of twilight for the rest of my life. Because it could end up as one if those things where something ifs good and then people add add to add to it add to it and add to it and it add to it and it becomes add to it and it becomes terrible.

    P.S sorry for the long message

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