I want to get better.

I know I’ve gotta do something,
To change my thinking,
To be great at anything,
I know I’ve gotta be that something.
            But I don’t want to,
            I don’t want to be you,
            I wanna be my own pit crew,
            But I do want to.
I don’t want to be just ‘someone’,
I want to learn and have fun,
This is not over and done,
I want to be the ‘someone’.
     How does everyone perfectly know?
     The way to use the arrow and bow,
     The correct way to knead the dough,
      I want to know what they know.
I’ve gotta be absolutely amazing,
To not be just an unknown ‘who’,
I’ve gotta be that special one,
My curiosity needs to expand and grow.

32 thoughts on “I want to get better.

  1. Dear Ramexa,
    First thank you so much for dropping by my blog, and for the follow 🙂 I am very appreciative ..

    Loved your poem.. The fact is, no one knows how to mix the dough we just put our hands in and mix it all together.. Such is life… We have to step out into it and follow our instincts..

    And you are not just the ‘Someone’ but a Special One.. Unique with gifts unimaginable.. Just look at what you wrote 🙂

    Love and Blessings, Have a wonderful weekend..

    Liked by 1 person

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