I’m done. I’m just done.

I tried to make you like me,
But what I couldn’t see,
That I couldn’t change you,
The same way I can’t change me.
        There’s no point in trying,
         I’ve spent all this time crying,
         Being truthful to you,
         When you kept on lying.
I was just so insanely keen,
But you were just so mean,
I cannot be with you,
‘Cause you’re a two-faced “queen.”
               I was hooked like stupid bait,
               I thought it was a lovely fate,
               The times spent with you,
                But now I can’t even hate.
I don’t have a claim over you,
No more time to be wasted on you,
‘Cause I’ve gotta work on me.
‘Cause I just can’t be like you.

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