Normal is defined as being standard or usual. But honestly, who is normal these days? I haven’t met anyone normal all my life.
        I’m not normal, my friends aren’t normal and neither are you, my dear reader. We’re all different in some way or the other, and since we’re all different, we’re all weird. Let me explain.
          We all think different, act different, eat different types of food, and have different types of cultures. All of these factors contribute us to be different. Also, outer beauty plays a big role in the way we think. Some of us who are beautiful on the outside usual tend to be less beautiful on the inside. And the worst part is that, these peoples’ beauty is termed as the ideal standard of beauty. We don’t realise that outer beauty is just an undeserving gift bestowed upon us by our genes.
            Why do we term some people as “weird”? Just because they have different preferences than us, they’re weird, huh?
            According to me, they’re only two types of people in this world:
1)The Good weird
2)The Bad weird

1)The Good weird
These people are genuinely nice. They do have a few preferences that you don’t, but they don’t make fun of your choices. They respect everyone and everything. These people are the most uncomplicated. They only have one face. Not two. They’re true. And finally, these people change the world for the better.

2)The Bad weird
These people just cannot be nice. They always make fun of your preferences. They don’t respect you or your self-esteem. Unfortunately, they have two faces. And the one on the outside may be pretty, but the one on the inside certainly isn’t. They’re the definition of the word ‘False’. And finally, these people change the world for the worse.

So finally, if you ever come across a person who’s ‘weird’, just take a few steps back and decide whether that person is ‘good weird’ or ‘bad weird’.

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22 thoughts on ““Normal”

  1. What? I don’t know about you but I’m totally normal. Yes, I’m trying to convince everyone I know to hibernate during my birthday so it will be like that day didn’t even exist and hence I’ll be the same age I was before that silly day. What? That’s not a normal request? 0.0

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  2. That’s something I can agree with. If you do things differently you’re called weird and ridiculed or abused. Basically people are terrified about not fitting in so they hide their ‘differentness’ and opt in to the group. Anyone who behaves differently is always labelled a weird outsider. But we’re all different. We’re all weird. It’s important to say and be what you believe; be true to yourself. Stand up to the bullies. We won’t always agree but arguing your case is OK. We don’t have to agree. But if you passionately believe something then stand up for it.

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  3. I concur, I am not too sure what the new normal is, or even if such a thing exists, but there is definitely variations on weirdness. I stay away from drama queens and lean towards weirdness that is rich in positivity. Peace, Harlon

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  4. I’d like to think I’m good weird XD
    I think there are some people who try to hard to be today’s “normal”. Maybe there even is a normal after all. But I don’t think I’d ever want to be normal.

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  5. Totes with you on the wagon of “All humans are weird”. Also with you on the fact that there is good and bad weird, but humans don’t behave in absolutes. I haven’t read many of your posts (yet; I probably will), but I believe you know that, too, and are just leaving it to be thought by your readers…

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