Isn’t it just fun!
To make fun of someone!
To treat someone as if they’re inferior!
Just so YOU could feel superior!

    How fun that is!
    To call someone ‘that’ or ‘this!’
    And the funny things is that,
    YOU don’t even know tit from tat!

Isn’t it just fun!
Don’t YOU feel like you’ve won?!
Now that someone has lost!
No lines by you have been crossed!

    Keep up the good work!
    YOU have been the perfect jerk!
    In the shadows YOU creepily murk.
    While I stand here with a smirk!

________________________________________Very recently, I’ve acquired a TON of haters in my life, no, not on the blogosphere, but in real life. And I just don’t understand what I’ve done to offend anyone, but hey, as they say, “Haters gonna Hate, Potatoes gonna Potate.”

Since the majority of the people I spend my time with are kinda meh, I would love to make some new friends!

Do mail me at!

Second YouTube video!

My Second video ever is here! Thanks to all the wonderful advice from my fellow bloggers, I’ve:

1)Added a new Intro, which took me just two hours to make on Adobe After Effects from the scratch. No biggie.

2)Made the Intro only 4 seconds long.

3)Practised and improved my editing skills.

4)Added 2 annotations!

5)Worn something non-blingy.

6)And, lastly, I’ve kept on moving forward! This was a hard one, ’cause I usually give up on new tasks very soon, but not this time!

Without further ado, here’s my new video! Please LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE if you like it! It’s FREE anyway!

And, which monsters have attacked you while shopping? Do let me know in the comments!


Lonely stars


The puny look at them with awe,
Wishing they could be without flaws.
The insignificant get mesmerised by their beauty.
As if they were just made to fulfill a duty.

They yearn to make an impression like them.
But don’t realise that their lives are a mayhem.

They realise how trivial their problems are.
When they look at those-who-are-distantly-far.

But they don’t realise how they constantly bear,
The ones who are similar to them don’t just don’t care.

They are just so incredibly lonely,
Since the ones similar are far way only.

The ones who aren’t so similar have others who’re just the same,
Leaving them, to play a very lonely, lonely little game.

My description

I’m weird, and I can’t help it.
But I’m saved by my wit.
I’m not extremely clever.
But I try my best to endeavour.
       I’m awkward, and so I shine bright,
       Just like the stars at night.
       I’m told that I’m too philosophical,
       But I feel that I’m just logical.

I’m certainly not the best,
But I love to embark on a quest.
I’m not very entertaining,
Just like a simple painting.
      All this being said, I’m amazing.
      Granted, flawed, but still working.
      And I thank each and everyone,
      The 500 people who think I’m fun.

Yay! Woohoo! Yassss!

Thank you so much my fellow bloggers, for all your love and support. It means the world to me that my extremely simplistic writing is liked by so many of you. I’m motivated to do a lot better now and I’m gonna work harder in order to improve the quality of my writing.
I’m very grateful that I’m surrounded by such amazing people on WordPress.

Keep the love coming everyone!



People don’t die you know,

They’re still in my mind, heart and soul.

I wish that they would break free,

From the cages that I trapped them in.

I want them to finally just go.

So that my heart stops being coal.

Then my life will be filled with glee.

And I’ll finally find peace within.

My life will be a colourful rainbow.

Without what they took and stole.

No more I would need to flee.

And maybe then I would finally win.



The process of time.

The ball keeps rolling,
The strollers keep strolling.
   The story keeps unfolding.
   The moulders keep moulding.
The breeze keeps calling.
The stars keep falling.
   The person keeps sharing.
   The souls keep bearing.
The love keeps growing.
The signs keep showing.
    The matter keeps troubling.
    The emotions keep bubbling.
The issue keeps resolving.
The people keep evolving.
    The time keeps passing.
    Their love keeps amassing.

My YouTube channel!

Hello everyone! I’ve finally made my first ever YouTube channel! I had been wanting to upload videos for a really long time, but due to a lot of self-doubt and procrastination, I didn’t make any, until NOW!

I had thought that making videos was a tedious task, and boy was I proven right. In today’s day and age videos have many elements to them like proper editing, background music, intros and a LOT of advertising. Not only that, one has to make sure to use non-copyrighted music and must look for it. These simple tasks make all the difference. But, holy-moly do they take a lotta time.

As if video making wasn’t enough, the fact that I’m extremely camera-shy was also an added bonus! I don’t even like to take selfies. Not only that, I had to talk to a circular camera lens as if it were my friend for 4 minutes. And after 30 takes, I finally got the perfect video.

But it was worth it. So, SO worth it. Every single day of the video-making process, I would jump out of bed and feel at ease. Video-making is exhilarating, so , SO exhilarating!

Although the video isn’t perfect, I’ve done my best and if there are any ways in which I can improve my videos, please do let me know. Constructive criticism is always more than welcome.

So, without further ado, here’s my first video ever. I hope you all like it. 🙂

And if you all do like it, please LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE! It would motivate me to improve and make more videos in the future.


We’re all idiots,
In some way or the other.
We cannot possibly know everything.
That is the truth, although it stings.
       I wanna know it all.
       I wanna learn a new language,
       And how to dance at a ball,
       And how to act on a stage.
We’re all just stupid.
In many different ways.
We don’t learn from our past,
And in turn, don’t let happiness last.
          I wanna just be happy.
          I wanna know the secret,
          To everlasting, never-ending joy,
          To not fall for sadness’s ploys.
We’re all not know-it-alls.
In fact, we don’t know,
The whole truth, to us, to life, to being.
We are content with just sightseeing.
          I wanna solve this mystery.
          I wanna know the truth,
          Of how we came to be,
          Of how we were made by He.
We’re all just pawns.
In the ultimate game.
The reasons are certainly unknown.
But, it is certain that we’re all lone.


Oh no! She’s better than me!
She does everything perfectly.
She is everything want I wanna be.
How can someone be so goddamn pretty?
        Why can’t I be her?
        Why can’t I have what she has?
        Why can’t I have legions of friends?
        Why can’t I have what she has?
How can someone be so lucky?
To be hot and rich and beautiful and pretty?
How can she get everything so easily?
She is a model, while I, a banshee.
         Why can’t I travel the world?
         Why can’t I know celebrities?
         Why can’t I be so amazing?
         Why can’t I just not be me?

Life hacks #3

My last few posts have been extremely short. Well, this post is not. Today, I’m gonna share with you all a new life hack.
      This is a series where I share my noteworthy experiences with you all, my fellow bloggers. And what makes these experiences so noteworthy is that, they teach me the most simple lessons. These lessons are certainly not new, but from time to time, I tend to forget these lessons, and they serve as a much-needed reminder.
       A few days ago, my friend and I decided to meet at a mall which was fairly close to my house. We met for coffee, discussed our love for Twenty One Pilots and rock music in general and then just roamed about the mall. We had a lot of fun, but since she stays far away, she had to catch the local train. And I decided to accompany her to the station. The reason why I decided to do so was because the station was between my house and the mall. So, I dropped her off to the station, and then headed towards my house.
      The road from the station to my house is filled with people, cars, bikes, and crooked tiles. No seriously, the footpath is not a smooth, flat piece of land. The footpath is made up of many crooked tiles pieced up together haphazardly.
     The walk from the mall to my house is about twenty minutes long, but is usually longer because of the pedestrians walking in the opposite direction and making something as simple as walking more time-consuming.
       As I was walking, the throngs of people ignored me and passed by me but a few slammed into me as well. The most notable pedestrian just stood in the middle of the sidewalk, and refused to move. I decided to walk around him and that led me to tripping over a crooked tile and breaking the strap of one of my flip-flops. I was outraged but I kept on walking. And since I was closer to home anyway, I decided to endure the hobbling.
     Have you ever experienced something so simply frustrating? If you have, I’ve got the perfect solution for YOU. This solution or life hack is called ‘Patience.’ Seriously. In this fast-paced life of ours, we tend to be impatient all the time. Fast food, fast rides, fast everything. And I was forced to take things slow because of my destroyed flip-flop. I decided to use that time imagining me wearing an other pair of my open-toed wedges with the straps over the toes. I also imagined be me being a yogini and wearing wooden slippers.

I imagined myself wearing this pair of slippers.

So, if you all, my dear bloggers are forced to take life slow for a few moments, try to make those moments bearable by being patient.
    And, this hack is 100% RAMEXA Approved! Tried and tested!

If you are stuck in an uncomfortable situation, how do you try to make that situation a bit more comfortable? Do comment!

And as always, if you like what I write, please Like, Comment and Follow! It’s free anyway!