Life hacks #3

My last few posts have been extremely short. Well, this post is not. Today, I’m gonna share with you all a new life hack.
      This is a series where I share my noteworthy experiences with you all, my fellow bloggers. And what makes these experiences so noteworthy is that, they teach me the most simple lessons. These lessons are certainly not new, but from time to time, I tend to forget these lessons, and they serve as a much-needed reminder.
       A few days ago, my friend and I decided to meet at a mall which was fairly close to my house. We met for coffee, discussed our love for Twenty One Pilots and rock music in general and then just roamed about the mall. We had a lot of fun, but since she stays far away, she had to catch the local train. And I decided to accompany her to the station. The reason why I decided to do so was because the station was between my house and the mall. So, I dropped her off to the station, and then headed towards my house.
      The road from the station to my house is filled with people, cars, bikes, and crooked tiles. No seriously, the footpath is not a smooth, flat piece of land. The footpath is made up of many crooked tiles pieced up together haphazardly.
     The walk from the mall to my house is about twenty minutes long, but is usually longer because of the pedestrians walking in the opposite direction and making something as simple as walking more time-consuming.
       As I was walking, the throngs of people ignored me and passed by me but a few slammed into me as well. The most notable pedestrian just stood in the middle of the sidewalk, and refused to move. I decided to walk around him and that led me to tripping over a crooked tile and breaking the strap of one of my flip-flops. I was outraged but I kept on walking. And since I was closer to home anyway, I decided to endure the hobbling.
     Have you ever experienced something so simply frustrating? If you have, I’ve got the perfect solution for YOU. This solution or life hack is called ‘Patience.’ Seriously. In this fast-paced life of ours, we tend to be impatient all the time. Fast food, fast rides, fast everything. And I was forced to take things slow because of my destroyed flip-flop. I decided to use that time imagining me wearing an other pair of my open-toed wedges with the straps over the toes. I also imagined be me being a yogini and wearing wooden slippers.

I imagined myself wearing this pair of slippers.

So, if you all, my dear bloggers are forced to take life slow for a few moments, try to make those moments bearable by being patient.
    And, this hack is 100% RAMEXA Approved! Tried and tested!

If you are stuck in an uncomfortable situation, how do you try to make that situation a bit more comfortable? Do comment!

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21 thoughts on “Life hacks #3

  1. entropy

    That is a very useful lesson, especially for me, because I tend to be very impatient. At times I think all bad things happen to me only! 😛 The other day I saw a woman on TV complain that she always has bad luck. I recognized myself so much – in the complaining, that is! 😉

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