We’re all idiots,
In some way or the other.
We cannot possibly know everything.
That is the truth, although it stings.
       I wanna know it all.
       I wanna learn a new language,
       And how to dance at a ball,
       And how to act on a stage.
We’re all just stupid.
In many different ways.
We don’t learn from our past,
And in turn, don’t let happiness last.
          I wanna just be happy.
          I wanna know the secret,
          To everlasting, never-ending joy,
          To not fall for sadness’s ploys.
We’re all not know-it-alls.
In fact, we don’t know,
The whole truth, to us, to life, to being.
We are content with just sightseeing.
          I wanna solve this mystery.
          I wanna know the truth,
          Of how we came to be,
          Of how we were made by He.
We’re all just pawns.
In the ultimate game.
The reasons are certainly unknown.
But, it is certain that we’re all lone.

20 thoughts on “Idiots

  1. namelessneed

    you ending line is a bit surprising, most don’t say so, but honestly, all in all, we’re all Alone. there are illusions along the way, warm distractions, alternating POVs, but it’s still true. Thanx for saying it like it is. G.R.

    Liked by 1 person

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