People don’t die you know,

They’re still in my mind, heart and soul.

I wish that they would break free,

From the cages that I trapped them in.

I want them to finally just go.

So that my heart stops being coal.

Then my life will be filled with glee.

And I’ll finally find peace within.

My life will be a colourful rainbow.

Without what they took and stole.

No more I would need to flee.

And maybe then I would finally win.



13 thoughts on “Memories

  1. jenipeh

    We live under the impression that if we forget about it we would live a happier life but sadly, its impossible to forget about something that used to be so dear to us. I too am still struggling with many things I wish I could just forget but sadly I couldn’t. Thanks for writing this piece πŸ™‚

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