Second YouTube video!

My Second video ever is here! Thanks to all the wonderful advice from my fellow bloggers, I’ve:

1)Added a new Intro, which took me just two hours to make on Adobe After Effects from the scratch. No biggie.

2)Made the Intro only 4 seconds long.

3)Practised and improved my editing skills.

4)Added 2 annotations!

5)Worn something non-blingy.

6)And, lastly, I’ve kept on moving forward! This was a hard one, ’cause I usually give up on new tasks very soon, but not this time!

Without further ado, here’s my new video! Please LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE if you like it! It’s FREE anyway!

And, which monsters have attacked you while shopping? Do let me know in the comments!


30 thoughts on “Second YouTube video!

  1. galanticphoenix

    AHHH! I just watched the video, can I say that your jumper is adorable, you are adorable and so pretty. And oh my god, this has a beautiful message to it, and I think more people need to watch the video and understand that we should never compare ourselves to other people and we should feel better about what we have. And if you do start working out, keep us updated on how it’s goes. Great video!! Xx

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  2. Hey very nice one,,, your editing has improved a lot and the content is just inspiring… You are so correct, no comparison, happy with what we achieve rather have 😜😜…😊😊

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  3. Hey Hi,

    Well said in the video, it’s always importance to accept ourselves with the flaws. No one is perfect. Post self introspection, if you come with a weakness / a flaw in yourself. You should rather work towards it and not feel bad about it. πŸ™‚

    Good job πŸ™‚

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  4. Good job! I really enjoyed the video!! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It’s definitely difficult for us to accept all our flaws. I’m glad you were able to control your emotions and let go afterwards.

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