Isn’t it just fun!
To make fun of someone!
To treat someone as if they’re inferior!
Just so YOU could feel superior!

    How fun that is!
    To call someone ‘that’ or ‘this!’
    And the funny things is that,
    YOU don’t even know tit from tat!

Isn’t it just fun!
Don’t YOU feel like you’ve won?!
Now that someone has lost!
No lines by you have been crossed!

    Keep up the good work!
    YOU have been the perfect jerk!
    In the shadows YOU creepily murk.
    While I stand here with a smirk!

________________________________________Very recently, I’ve acquired a TON of haters in my life, no, not on the blogosphere, but in real life. And I just don’t understand what I’ve done to offend anyone, but hey, as they say, “Haters gonna Hate, Potatoes gonna Potate.”

Since the majority of the people I spend my time with are kinda meh, I would love to make some new friends!

Do mail me at!

46 thoughts on “YOU

  1. The energies right now are a mix mash of confusion, and I too even have felt claws out recently,.. So take heart… Keep smiling, and send them love, they obviously need it, as they seek attention.. ❤ and try as best as you can to ignore them.. For it shows how shallow they are..
    Love and Blessings Sue x

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  2. WordPress are full of them..amazing strangers who make great friends once you know them 🙂 So you’re practically in the middle of the best part of your life, being a part of the WordPress community 🙂

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  3. I find it funny when people insult me now. Maybe it’s because I’ve developed a thick skin. Maybe it’s because I’ve learned how to not fall into the trap of insults (the reason a person insults you is to get an emotional response from you; deny them that emotional response and they look more and more foolish the more and more they attempt to get that response). Or maybe it’s because I look at insults as childish behavior, so every time someone insults me, I get a picture in my mind of one kid ridiculously saying to another kid, “Oh yeah, well, you’re a doody head!” and that makes me laugh, especially when I equate such a picture to the person insulting me and realize that they aren’t aware that this is exactly what they look like to me.

    Oh, and I also look at people hating on me from this enjoyable perspective:

    Be sure to read the post where I got it from. It doesn’t look like she writes anymore, though. Her archives end back in March 2015.

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  4. Who the hell has been hating on you? I’m going to come and… Do something drastic. You’re lovely. I don’t get why they hate you; stupid people! I need to email you, as well. I’ve missed talking to you

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  5. LOL Potatoes potate! I have come to know that a lot of the “hate” people have towards others is rooted in envy. So continue to shine, be you, and dust of your shoulder;)

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