8th Video: My First Job Experience!

Hello everyone! Ramsha here! My new video is finally out! I talk about the pros and cons of my first job (but mostly cons). Also, do comment some of your job-related stories!


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New Video!200 Subscribers Special! Q & A!

Hello everyone! I know that I’ve been AFK  (Away From Keyboard) for a long time now but that was because I got an internship! And, I had many project submissions and I didn’t have any new poem ideas.

Truthfully, cutting out blogging and YouTube out has been pretty rough because I’ve stayed away from two of my biggest passions for such a long time.

And from now on, I’m gonna post a new video every Sunday!! And I’ll also post a poem every week without fail! So without further ado, here’s my new video:

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A Sponge

I wish I was a sponge,

A happy one to be exact.

I would soak up positive vibes,

leaving the sad ones behind.

           I wish I was a sponge,

           Happiness, it would attract.

           I wouldn’t be copying scribes,

           The true me, I would find.

I wish I was a sponge,

But I’m not, and that’s a fact.

I would start my own tribe,

Having those with cheerful minds.