Last Blog Post on RamexaBella

Dear whoever is reading this,

It’s been quite a freaking-while, hasn’t it? Well, I’m still here, and here as in, I still exist, I just haven’t written any blogs for some time. I haven’t written anything for the following reasons:

1) I had sem-end exams in October. (I hope I pass in Accounts. Fingers crossed.)

2)I moved homes because the previous one sucked SO much! Every week there would be an electrical problem or some kind of water shortage. When we finally moved, I said to the house,”Peace out Sucka! Never see you again!”

3)I started painting and drawing a lot, like A LOT, A LOT. Here are a few examples:

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PS. Since I can’t draw from memory and am not an artist, I’ve tried to recreate whatever other awesome artists have already done.

4)I am finally revamping my YouTube channel! Expect comedy videos, art tutorials, book talk and some inspiration. Sounds good? Awesome.

This blog is gonna remain inactive indefinitely ’cause the content on this one is kinda meh. I just didn’t feel like I was doing justice to the people who read and like my content, so I’m gonna restart.

Follow my new blog – for a lot more fun stuff! The first blog post will be live tomorrow!

Hope to see you all there!

Lotsa love,



2016 Winter TrendsYou’ll Love!

A few weeks ago, the biggest designers on the planet unveiled their collections for the entire world to see. The breathtaking pieces took the whole world by storm! And so, here are some of the hottest trends of the season plus their dupes!

1) Puffy Jackets: Snuggle up this fall in these blanket-like jackets!


Get your own puffy jacket here. 2)


2) Off-the-Shoulder: Give the haters the cold shoulder in this hot new trend!

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Fashion Trends: Bare Shoulders

You can find an awesome dress here.


3) Shearling Jackets: These classic jackets are back!


Image result for 2016 winter fashion trends shearling jackets

Here’s an amazing dupe!


4) Velvet everywhere: Dark lips. Check! Boots. Check! Velvet everything. Check!

AW16 Fashion Trends on the catwalk at Valentino, Roksanda and Ellery

Here’s some inspo!


5) Daring lace-ups: Add a bold accent to your look with lace-ups!

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Fashion Trends: Lacing Accents

Get your own lace-up top here.


6) Dark Florals: Give this springtime trend a new look!

Tendance mode automne-hiver 2016-2017 imprimés fleurs

Shop the look here.


7) Slip dress over tee: Slinky dress+white tee = Ultimate casual chic!

Get your outfit here and here.


8) Ruffles: Add more movement through flowy ruffles!

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Fashion Trends: Ruffles

Shop the look here.


9) Sequins: Add some sparkle to your life!

Tendance mode automne-hiver 2016-2017 argent brillant

Get the look here.


10) Chunky Chokers: The plain ol’ choker just got a makeover!

We'll always have love in our hearts for the thin, velvet ribbon chokers of the '90s, but this season it's all about major statement chokers that fully cover your neck. 
As seen at Lanvin, Loewe, Balmain, and Dries Van Noten

Get yours here.

7 Pieces of Clothing That’ll Help You Travel Through Seasons

Staples are awesome, aren’t they? And we’re not talking about the metal wires that bind paper together. Wardrobe staples are essential in every girl’s closet. Let’s be honest, most of us own a ton of clothes but we only wear like five tops on a day-to-day basis. And although our closet is flooded with clothes that we refuse to throw away, we end up saying, “I have nothing to wear! I need to go shopping soon!”

Story of every girl’s life!

But, we still go back to those valuable pieces of clothing again and again, just because they are so freaking comfortable! And alas, many tops and bottoms cannot be worn in all the seasons, we mean, have you ever seen anyone wear a leather jacket in Mumbai heat. Or have you seen anyone wear short shorts in the winter? Yeah. That’s right.

But what if you wanted to transition clothing in all, or at least most seasons? Well, we have the perfect solution to your problem! Here are seven pieces of clothing that’ll help you travel throughout the seasons:


1) Boyfriend Jeans


You don’t need a boyfriend to rock this trend throughout the year! These jeans are super comfy to wear in the summer because unlike skinny jeans, they do not stick to your body like a glove! And in the cooler months, they’re thick enough to keep you warm and cosy!


2) Slip Dresses:


Slip dresses are so versatile because they can be worn over or under and outfit! Take a lesson from the Kardashian sisters over here for some inspo!


3) Scarves:


Scarves come in a verity of colours, patterns, and fabrics! And they can be worn in so many different ways too. In the hotter months, wear your scarf like a turban or a belt for that added oomph!


4) Peasant Dresses:


Add a big, slouchy tote and flip-flops to your peasant dress for a beachy vibe. Or, add leggings and boots for fall!


5) The LBD:


A girl can never go wrong with a little black dress! An LBD can be easily dressed up or down according to the changing seasons!


6) Palazzo Pants:


Palazzo pants are the looser, roomier version of leggings! The diva Deepika Padukone rocks palazzos two ways in the above pics.


7) Midi Skirts:maxresdefault

Midi skirts are all the rage! You’re sure to feel like a fairy in these super airy skirts!


So, there you go! Hope this article helped you!

A Sponge

I wish I was a sponge,

A happy one to be exact.

I would soak up positive vibes,

leaving the sad ones behind.

           I wish I was a sponge,

           Happiness, it would attract.

           I wouldn’t be copying scribes,

           The true me, I would find.

I wish I was a sponge,

But I’m not, and that’s a fact.

I would start my own tribe,

Having those with cheerful minds.

Chocolate Thali

A thali is a metal plate on which Indian food is served. So basically, every plate serving Indian food is a thali! Usually thalis serve the Indian staples like rice, dal, rotis or parathas, papads (extremely thin deep-fried bread), a little salad and a teeny-tiny amount of dessert. Usually there are only one or two desserts served on a thali. Home-made Indian food is placed usually quite haphazardly on a plate. In restaurants however, thalis are more sorted. The vegetables, the dal, the rice, the dessert are served in proper bowls. Thali-exclusive restaurants in India are quite common as well.


Home-made thali Vs. Restaurant-made thali.

Usually whenever we go to a restaurant we want a little bit of everything, because hey,  variety is the spice of life (pun intended)! Choices are always haunting since we always wonder about the road not taken, or in this case, the other yummy dish that we didn’t order because the other one is just as good! But, what if I told you that there exists a dish so delicious and chocolate-y and mouth-watering that you feel that you’re the happiest person alive? Yes, such an amazingly simple dish exists and it is known as the – Chocolate Thali!

You dear reader, would be thinking one of the two things right now –

“Oh my God! My mind is officially blown! How did such a dish never exist before? I must go and try it at once!”


“That’s preposterous! A thali serving chocolate dishes only? Too much chocolate!”

I completely disregard the second kind of a person because life is just too short to not try a chocolate thali. So, this thali is served at a comparatively new restaurant called ‘Desi Klub.’ Everything about this restaurant represents the modern Indian generation. We, the Indian youth are always indecisive, hell, ask the question,”Beta, college ke baad kya kar rahe ho?” (“Kid, what are you gonna do after college?”) and every kid will either want to do nothing or ten different things. All the dishes in this restaurant are named after something and Indian grandma would say, for example, grandmas always call nachos khakhra(thin spicy crackers) with cheese sauce. But what’s more important is the Chocolate Thali!

This magnificent thali consists of chocolate papad with a drizzle of white chocolate sauce, gulab jamuns (deep-fried cottage cheese balls) filled with chocolate sauce, chocolate laddoos, chocolate brownies, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate shrikhand (strained yoghurt), chocolate sauce and finally a big, white chocolate lollipop filled with raspberry sauce!

the one
Clockwise: White chocolate lollipop, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate brownies, chocolate gulab jamuns, chocolate shrikhand, chocolate laddoos and chocolate sauce. And finally, chocolate papad in the centre. 

Whenever elders come to know of such a dessert, at first they’re completely sceptical of the sheer amount of sugar on the plate, but once the dish arrives, no one can escape the charm of the Chocolate Thali.

I solely went to Desi Klub to check out this platter because although this idea is extremely simplistic, nothing like this has been made before. All the starters and the mains were pretty okay, nothing really mind-blowing, but once this platter arrived, everyone at the table wanted to get a bite of each and every individual dessert present on the thali. All the dishes present on the menu are between the range of 100-300Rs., but this dessert is the most expensive dish on the menu at 350Rs, but it’s so worth the money.

Now, for the official rankings:

White chocolate lollipop – 10/10 (quite frankly, I would give it an infinity on 10)

Chocolate ice-cream – 7/10

Chocolate brownie – 8/10

Chocolate-filled gulab jamuns – 8/10

Chocolate shrikhand – 9/10

Chocolate laddoos – 7.5/10

Chocolate sauce – 8/10

Chocolate papad – 10/10 (another infinity, same as before)


Final Verdict

As if it wasn’t obvious enough already, go TRY it!






So a few days ago my exams finally ended. The pressure I was under, was almost tangible. I can finally breathe again. Whew!
          Exams are the worst. And here’s the list of reasons why :
1)My exam room was on the FIFTH floor. And although my college has an elevator, we students are only allowed to climb stairs. This is extremely problematic because most of the students’ exam rooms would be on the first floor, and they wouldn’t have to climb much. But  I would have to climb  five flights of stairs every exam! It was just extremely annoying. I was nervous enough to write the papers, but then I had to climb five floors worth of stairs, catch my breath, calm down, and then proceed to write my paper.
          2) I was placed on the second bench. We all need to sit according to our roll numbers, and coincidentally, my roll number ended up being right in the front. The person before me didn’t show up for any of the exams, so I was directly under the steely gaze of the supervisor.
       3)I was highly under prepared for exams. No, not because I’m lazy but because two months into our semester, they sent us the timetable for the final exams. Our semester was supposed to begin in March, but it really began in JULY. JULY. Let that sink in. How am I supposed to revise if I haven’t even started learning the chapter? I was extremely excited for college. I thought that I would study the hardest and get the best grades, but after they informed us about the finals so soon, I lost all my motivation.
           4)School and college should be about LEARNING something new. But we give more importance to marks and grades. We don’t see how smart a student is, we just see how much he can cram in order to get more marks. We all student are well trained but not well educated. Education should be empowering not degrading. But, alas, we fail to see the point of education.


Let me ask a question to you all – When was the last time you went to school or college you were excited? And not to meet your friends, but SOLELY for the purpose of learning something new?
Do comment and let me know.
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After waiting for 364 days, the day has finally arrived. Today is my birthday. Oh gosh! I still can’t believe it! I turn 18 today. I’ve been waiting for so long to be considered as an adult, but ironically, I don’t feel any different.
                My lovely friends have wished me in lovely different ways. And, my parents got a yummy caramel cake from my favorite bakery!
                  So today’s plan is as follows:
1)First thing in the morning, get the end-of-semester exam over with.
2)Go out and shop till I drop with mom and dad in the afternoon.
3)Have an awesome dinner with friends.
        And that’s basically it.
What do you usually do on your birthday? What are your plans this year? Do comment!

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– Ramsha.