4th Video: My ‘Talents’

Hello everyone! Since this year is coming to an end, I’ve been self-reflecting a lot recently. Don’t we all?

We all tend to look at the Highs and Lows of the year that has been. But rather than just making a look-back at 2015, I decided to add a twist by showcasing some of my unique ‘talents’. So, without further ado, here’s my newest video!

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PPS. I’ve used a new video-editor called Wondershare Filmora. Needless to say, they’ll be a lot more effects in this, as well as the future videos.


Isn’t it just fun!
To make fun of someone!
To treat someone as if they’re inferior!
Just so YOU could feel superior!

    How fun that is!
    To call someone ‘that’ or ‘this!’
    And the funny things is that,
    YOU don’t even know tit from tat!

Isn’t it just fun!
Don’t YOU feel like you’ve won?!
Now that someone has lost!
No lines by you have been crossed!

    Keep up the good work!
    YOU have been the perfect jerk!
    In the shadows YOU creepily murk.
    While I stand here with a smirk!

________________________________________Very recently, I’ve acquired a TON of haters in my life, no, not on the blogosphere, but in real life. And I just don’t understand what I’ve done to offend anyone, but hey, as they say, “Haters gonna Hate, Potatoes gonna Potate.”

Since the majority of the people I spend my time with are kinda meh, I would love to make some new friends!

Do mail me at ramexa8@gmail.com!

My description

I’m weird, and I can’t help it.
But I’m saved by my wit.
I’m not extremely clever.
But I try my best to endeavour.
       I’m awkward, and so I shine bright,
       Just like the stars at night.
       I’m told that I’m too philosophical,
       But I feel that I’m just logical.

I’m certainly not the best,
But I love to embark on a quest.
I’m not very entertaining,
Just like a simple painting.
      All this being said, I’m amazing.
      Granted, flawed, but still working.
      And I thank each and everyone,
      The 500 people who think I’m fun.

Yay! Woohoo! Yassss!

Thank you so much my fellow bloggers, for all your love and support. It means the world to me that my extremely simplistic writing is liked by so many of you. I’m motivated to do a lot better now and I’m gonna work harder in order to improve the quality of my writing.
I’m very grateful that I’m surrounded by such amazing people on WordPress.

Keep the love coming everyone!


My YouTube channel!

Hello everyone! I’ve finally made my first ever YouTube channel! I had been wanting to upload videos for a really long time, but due to a lot of self-doubt and procrastination, I didn’t make any, until NOW!

I had thought that making videos was a tedious task, and boy was I proven right. In today’s day and age videos have many elements to them like proper editing, background music, intros and a LOT of advertising. Not only that, one has to make sure to use non-copyrighted music and must look for it. These simple tasks make all the difference. But, holy-moly do they take a lotta time.

As if video making wasn’t enough, the fact that I’m extremely camera-shy was also an added bonus! I don’t even like to take selfies. Not only that, I had to talk to a circular camera lens as if it were my friend for 4 minutes. And after 30 takes, I finally got the perfect video.

But it was worth it. So, SO worth it. Every single day of the video-making process, I would jump out of bed and feel at ease. Video-making is exhilarating, so , SO exhilarating!

Although the video isn’t perfect, I’ve done my best and if there are any ways in which I can improve my videos, please do let me know. Constructive criticism is always more than welcome.

So, without further ado, here’s my first video ever. I hope you all like it. 🙂

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Normal is defined as being standard or usual. But honestly, who is normal these days? I haven’t met anyone normal all my life.
        I’m not normal, my friends aren’t normal and neither are you, my dear reader. We’re all different in some way or the other, and since we’re all different, we’re all weird. Let me explain.
          We all think different, act different, eat different types of food, and have different types of cultures. All of these factors contribute us to be different. Also, outer beauty plays a big role in the way we think. Some of us who are beautiful on the outside usual tend to be less beautiful on the inside. And the worst part is that, these peoples’ beauty is termed as the ideal standard of beauty. We don’t realise that outer beauty is just an undeserving gift bestowed upon us by our genes.
            Why do we term some people as “weird”? Just because they have different preferences than us, they’re weird, huh?
            According to me, they’re only two types of people in this world:
1)The Good weird
2)The Bad weird

1)The Good weird
These people are genuinely nice. They do have a few preferences that you don’t, but they don’t make fun of your choices. They respect everyone and everything. These people are the most uncomplicated. They only have one face. Not two. They’re true. And finally, these people change the world for the better.

2)The Bad weird
These people just cannot be nice. They always make fun of your preferences. They don’t respect you or your self-esteem. Unfortunately, they have two faces. And the one on the outside may be pretty, but the one on the inside certainly isn’t. They’re the definition of the word ‘False’. And finally, these people change the world for the worse.

So finally, if you ever come across a person who’s ‘weird’, just take a few steps back and decide whether that person is ‘good weird’ or ‘bad weird’.

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After waiting for 364 days, the day has finally arrived. Today is my birthday. Oh gosh! I still can’t believe it! I turn 18 today. I’ve been waiting for so long to be considered as an adult, but ironically, I don’t feel any different.
                My lovely friends have wished me in lovely different ways. And, my parents got a yummy caramel cake from my favorite bakery!
                  So today’s plan is as follows:
1)First thing in the morning, get the end-of-semester exam over with.
2)Go out and shop till I drop with mom and dad in the afternoon.
3)Have an awesome dinner with friends.
        And that’s basically it.
What do you usually do on your birthday? What are your plans this year? Do comment!

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– Ramsha.

‘THAT’ person

Ever looked at that really awesome person, you know, the one who looks good, feels good, is always surrounded by many people and an invisible aura of coolness.
Of course you have. We all have. And you say to yourself ,”Why can’t I be like that person?”
Well, you can’t. He’s a completely different person altogether. How can we even measure two human beings? It’s like measuring apples and oranges. Completely irrelevant.
But all you people out there who want that aura of coolness, I’ll tell you the secret. Just LOVE yourself. Before saying ‘I love you’ to someone else, say it to yourself. If you don’t like yourself, how the hell else is someone gonna like you?!
Just be YOU. Honestly,you are a unique mixture of awesomeness or U.M.A. Be proud of yourself! For eg. You just completed a very intense workout, and you see this delicious piece of pie, you eat a bit of that delicious piece of pie with gusto cause you’ve earned it!( the weeknd reference 😉 )
And that brings me to the most important point of all. You might be thinking – If I’m such an awesome person, and I know that I’m such an awesome person, why don’t people realise it? Well, if you see that piece of specialness in yourself and others don’t, just leave them. Honestly. There’s this quote of Marilyn Monroe to help you out! 🙂


On 19th august, I broke my own record of 67 views in a day! I got 75 views!! If you all keep the love coming, I’m gonna post a lot more often!! And thank you all for your niceness. WordPress really does have a community of amazing people!!

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