My YouTube channel!

Hello everyone! I’ve finally made my first ever YouTube channel! I had been wanting to upload videos for a really long time, but due to a lot of self-doubt and procrastination, I didn’t make any, until NOW!

I had thought that making videos was a tedious task, and boy was I proven right. In today’s day and age videos have many elements to them like proper editing, background music, intros and a LOT of advertising. Not only that, one has to make sure to use non-copyrighted music and must look for it. These simple tasks make all the difference. But, holy-moly do they take a lotta time.

As if video making wasn’t enough, the fact that I’m extremely camera-shy was also an added bonus! I don’t even like to take selfies. Not only that, I had to talk to a circular camera lens as if it were my friend for 4 minutes. And after 30 takes, I finally got the perfect video.

But it was worth it. So, SO worth it. Every single day of the video-making process, I would jump out of bed and feel at ease. Video-making is exhilarating, so , SO exhilarating!

Although the video isn’t perfect, I’ve done my best and if there are any ways in which I can improve my videos, please do let me know. Constructive criticism is always more than welcome.

So, without further ado, here’s my first video ever. I hope you all like it. πŸ™‚

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A recurring dream

I always dream a recurring dream,
Where my friends betray me.
Weren’t we all a team,
He had been bitten hadn’t he?
I always dream a recurring dream,
Why hadn’t he told us before?
The tiny bite mark gleamed,
He was falling to the floor,
I always dream a recurring dream,
Where we all are dead.
All of us couldn’t help but scream,
This was the very end.
We all trapped ourselves in a room,
With him infected.
What could we do?
We didn’t have any bullets left.
We couldn’t run or hide.
We couldn’t kill him.
He was still our kind.
But not for long.
They banged on the door.
Their broken hands asking for more.
Their putrefied flesh rotting the air.
What could we do?
We hadn’t gotten any rest.
We wouldn’t be able to fight
him and his new kin.
They tore open the door.
Their broken hands asking for more.
Their hands reaching to me without care.

And that’s when I wake up from my nightmare of a recurring dream.

Hi everyone! Yes, I usually dream of an impending zombie apocalypse. I am both petrified and interested inΒ  zombies. That being said, my favorite film of all time is Shaun of the dead. It’s a Rom- zom-com. Which is your favorite movie?? Do comment πŸ™‚

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