The Old Glass

I’ve filled my glass with sadness,
That black, sticky, sooty goo.
I’ve filled my glass with stubbornness,
That bull that keeps on raging.

I’ve filled my glass with fury.
Those red, hot coals burning all of me.
I’ve filled my glass with futility.
That troubled face looks sullenly at me.

I’ve filled my glass with irritation,
That poking adds to the fire too.
I’ve filled my glass with hesitation,
That monster which keeps on hiding.

I’ve filled my glass with anxiety,
That wheel that keeps tripping me.
I’ve filled my glass with nobody,
That empty space reserved only for me.


Hello Everyone! I’m back from my hiatus. This poem was written two months ago, hence aptly titled The Old Glass.

What do you think of this poem? Do comment!


I can’t sleep.
My mind won’t let me.
It’s scattered with too many thoughts.
Both happy and scary.
It’s scattered with too many feelings.
Both alone and lonely.
It’s scattered with too many dreams.
Both enticing and dreary.
It’s scattered with too many ideas.
Both stupid and extraordinary.

I can’t sleep.
My mind won’t let me.
It’s full of thoughts.
Buzzing. Electrifying.

I can’t sleep.
My mind won’t let me.
My thoughts are twisted knots.
Pulling. Tangling.


This is what happens when you have too many video ideas! And my next post is gonna be a Q & A! So do leave some questions in the comments!


Lemme tell you a little something,
About this thing called happiness.
It feels unimaginably amazing.

        It makes your heart and soul sing,
        And cleans all your mess.
        It feels infinitely confining.

But if ya base it off the inconsequential,
It’ll leave a deep, sad stain on you,
And lessen your extraordinary potential.

     You gotta figure out what’s essential,
     Make time for the prettiest hues,
     And stop thinking of the existential.

I know it’s not that easy.
They kinda gnaw at you don’t they?
The scars, the constant reminder.

       They’re just so addictively queasy.
       Your poking leaves them on display.
       And your thoughts simply concur.

You just have to stop thinking.
Your thoughts must be prettily dressed.
And so, you’ll finally end your suffering.



They envelop you,
The processed tree barks.
They enrich you,
With knowledge so divine,
So pure, so enrapturing.
They touch you,
With their beautiful words,
So heart-rendering, so anguishing.
They love you,
They remind you of your beauty.
But, they also break hearts frequently.
They annoy you,
Their qualities render you speechless,
They haunt you. They creep you out.
They purify you,
Of all your ignorance.
All your stupidity. All your helplessness.

They stay with you,
Long after they cease to exist.
But let’s be honest,
They never stop existing.
They’re immortal.
Immortally captivating.
Immortally engaging.
Immortally inviting.
Immortally alluring.
Immortally immortal.

I Yearn

I yearn to
Be with those,
Who don’t yearn,
To be with me.

I care too much
About them,
But they couldn’t,
Careless about me.

I seek their unneeded
And unnecessary validation,
Only to realise that,
They will never validate me.

I get so mesmerised,
By their beauty,
Their abundant charm,
That I forget their true inner being.

It would be really nice,
That once in a while,
I would find someone,
Who would yearn to be with me,
Without driving me crazy.

I seem.

I seem to be made of glass,
Broken easily.
I seem to be made of paper,
Crumpled easily.
I seem to be made of fire,
Burned easily.
I seem to be made of ice,
Cooled easily.
I seem to be made of blue,
Saddened easily.
I seem to be made of red,
Laughing easily.
I seem to be made of tears,
Crying easily.
I seem to be made of smiles,
Broadened easily.
I seem to be made of pain,
Hurt easily.
I seem to be made of strength,
Endeavouring easily.
I seem to be made of hate,
Consuming easily.
I seem to be made of love,
Giving easily.

Lonely stars


The puny look at them with awe,
Wishing they could be without flaws.
The insignificant get mesmerised by their beauty.
As if they were just made to fulfill a duty.

They yearn to make an impression like them.
But don’t realise that their lives are a mayhem.

They realise how trivial their problems are.
When they look at those-who-are-distantly-far.

But they don’t realise how they constantly bear,
The ones who are similar to them don’t just don’t care.

They are just so incredibly lonely,
Since the ones similar are far way only.

The ones who aren’t so similar have others who’re just the same,
Leaving them, to play a very lonely, lonely little game.

My description

I’m weird, and I can’t help it.
But I’m saved by my wit.
I’m not extremely clever.
But I try my best to endeavour.
       I’m awkward, and so I shine bright,
       Just like the stars at night.
       I’m told that I’m too philosophical,
       But I feel that I’m just logical.

I’m certainly not the best,
But I love to embark on a quest.
I’m not very entertaining,
Just like a simple painting.
      All this being said, I’m amazing.
      Granted, flawed, but still working.
      And I thank each and everyone,
      The 500 people who think I’m fun.

Yay! Woohoo! Yassss!

Thank you so much my fellow bloggers, for all your love and support. It means the world to me that my extremely simplistic writing is liked by so many of you. I’m motivated to do a lot better now and I’m gonna work harder in order to improve the quality of my writing.
I’m very grateful that I’m surrounded by such amazing people on WordPress.

Keep the love coming everyone!



People don’t die you know,

They’re still in my mind, heart and soul.

I wish that they would break free,

From the cages that I trapped them in.

I want them to finally just go.

So that my heart stops being coal.

Then my life will be filled with glee.

And I’ll finally find peace within.

My life will be a colourful rainbow.

Without what they took and stole.

No more I would need to flee.

And maybe then I would finally win.



The process of time.

The ball keeps rolling,
The strollers keep strolling.
   The story keeps unfolding.
   The moulders keep moulding.
The breeze keeps calling.
The stars keep falling.
   The person keeps sharing.
   The souls keep bearing.
The love keeps growing.
The signs keep showing.
    The matter keeps troubling.
    The emotions keep bubbling.
The issue keeps resolving.
The people keep evolving.
    The time keeps passing.
    Their love keeps amassing.