One Year Blog Anniversary + New Video!

On 26th July of 2015, an Indian girl named Ramsha started a blog called Ramexabella, ’cause Ramexa was taken. And now, it’s the 26th July of 2016. This person you known as Ramsha, has changed so much, and at the same time, not really.

Thank you all for being here, even after a year. It means a lot to me that strangers like my stuff enough to star it and also to comment on some of my posts. No, but in all seriousness, I’m glad you’re all still here! Just imagine, If I had a year-old baby, it would probably be able to walk now! Babies are just so *gappu! 

Gappu – a slang Hindi word meaning, cute and chubby. Usually used to describe babies and animals. Speaking of animals, cats are just the cutest things ever! They’re so fluffy and they make little mewing sounds and… I need to stop rambling! But first, #CatsAreBetterThanDogs


Okay, now onto the video stuff. I’ve had varying degrees of acne ever since I was thirteen and it used to take a toll on my self-esteem. I would feel really good about myself until I would look into a mirror. Everyone I knew seemed to constantly remind me of the many spots on my face.

But now, after so many years of self-doubt I’ve come to the conclusion that I AM PRETTY. It’s as simple as that. My pimples aren’t me. Hell, 99% of what makes me, ME isn’t even physical! So I refuse to let acne take over me and I’m gonna stop hiding behind layers of foundation and concealer.

If you want to watch an audio-visual medium of me talking about acne, check out my newest video!

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8th Video: My First Job Experience!

Hello everyone! Ramsha here! My new video is finally out! I talk about the pros and cons of my first job (but mostly cons). Also, do comment some of your job-related stories!


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5th video – ‘Why I hate Sales!’ + Q & A

Hello everyone! I have finally uploaded a new video! Well, a month and ten days to be exact. I blame college. And anime. So, without further ado, here’s my new video!

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And now for the Q & A!

Luna’s questions!

1) Where do you get inspiration for your writing?

I never plan ANY of my posts. If I get a new, amazing idea out of nowhere, and if it’s good enough, I make it into a post or a poem. I just post whatever I think is good. Whatever I think has to be said. It’s all my jumbled ideas finding order. But I can definitely say that my writing represents what I feel at a particular moment.


2) What’s your favourite animal?

PANDAS!!!! They’re just so adorable! Plus, they’re black and white and Asian! They’re the least racist animals out there. Also, the new Kung Fu Panda movie came out, so I’m all the more in love with them!



happyme’s questions:

1) What’s your favourite book and why?

The Hunger Games trilogy! The idea is just fantastic! Although many people say that it’s a rip-off of Battle Royale, it really isn’t. It’s just too different. Also, if you like The Hunger Games and anime, I highly recommend Future Diary, Btooom!, and Eden of the East.


2) What is your ideal vacation?

Japan in the cherry blossom season, which typically is from March to April.


3) What are you most looking forward to this year?

My trip to Sharjah! My aunt lives there and she’s invited me over to stay at her home. Plus I have a four year old cousin who’s simply the cutest baby girl ever!


Elm’s questions:

1) Why do you like making videos?

I’m gonna answer that question in my new video!


2) What’s your best memory?

I have a lot of amazing memories, but my recent favourite has been when my dad and I went to a really far away mall. We hadn’t been able to hang out for a month because we both were extremely busy with work and college respectively. We shopped a lot, talked a lot and had a blast. The whole day was just so calming and cheerful.


3) How many languages can you speak?

Since I’m an Indian, I speak Hindi fluently. I can also understand Gujarati and French a little. Also, I have an awesome Japanese vocabulary; of about 20 words!


Ameena k.g’s question:

1) What’s love according to you?

Adoration. Respect. And trust. Also, whatever you love has the power to hurt you the most. Love is dark chocolate.


Mon’s question:

1) Which author do you wish to be more like?

I have a few authors I admire here on WordPress!

My absolute favourite writers are:

Poeteer: Wesley’s poems are so simple yet so powerful. I can only wish my poems are as good as his.

dray0308: Danny’s posts are all about positivity and healing. His blog also gives bloggers a chance to mingle and also to discover new, amazing blogs.

Mindoftannguyen: Tan Nguyen’s poems are simply beautiful. Beautifully written and beautifully detailed.

Eyes + Words: This website headed by Jacob Ibrag gives aspiring writers to showcase their talent. Each and every poem found on this site is pure perfection.


Izrael’s question:

1) Where did you get your writing inspiration from?

All my writing stems from my thoughts. I just write to get a clear idea of what I’m thinking.


Hiba’s question:

1) Do you find it challenging and intimidating to put yourself out there on the site as a woman of colour?

Well first of all, I’m girl. I’m only 18! Second, no I really don’t. But I have come across a lot of mixed reviews of my videos from my ‘friends’ and family. I’ll talk about this more in detail in my newest video.



“I should stop finding perfection in others and imperfection in myself.”
                                      – Ramsha, 2016.

I Yearn

I yearn to
Be with those,
Who don’t yearn,
To be with me.

I care too much
About them,
But they couldn’t,
Careless about me.

I seek their unneeded
And unnecessary validation,
Only to realise that,
They will never validate me.

I get so mesmerised,
By their beauty,
Their abundant charm,
That I forget their true inner being.

It would be really nice,
That once in a while,
I would find someone,
Who would yearn to be with me,
Without driving me crazy.

2015 and 2016

2015 has been the biggest year of my life. This year has officially been the most overwhelming year of my life, yet. Never forget the ‘yet’. 2015 should be crowned as ‘the year that changes it all’. No, truly. Usually, one changes ever-so-slightly. Usually, the change is so slow that one does not even feel it in its entirety. Change usually feels like gradually adding sugar to subtly sweeten some coffee. Change feels like years of hard-work and dedication that would be showcased just for a few seconds. Kinda like the Olympics.
           But this year, change has engulfed me. It has swallowed me whole. Kinda like how snakes swallow their prey.
          Let me explain. I’ve either laughed so hard that my head starts hurting, or I’ve cried so hard that my entire body feels drained out. I’ve begun seeing everything in black and white. A thing, anything, is either too good or too bad. Never grey. Never in-between.
        And I was never like that before. I believed in balance. I believed in calmness. But now, the scales are either on the ‘Amazing’ side, or the ‘Sucky’ side. Sigh.
        And since everyday has some elements of good and bad, I tend to get sad pretty easily, because the bad moments seem to last a lot longer than the good ones.
         And since the bad moments seem to last longer, I get sad very often. That’s not a good sign. And its not just sadness. Its a mix of –

Sadness + Loneliness + Over-thinking + Self-doubt + Bunch of shitty people =

Me feeling like I’m not good enough. Like I’m not worthy enough.

So, basically what I’m trying to say is that, for 2016, I have no resolutions except one. I resolve to be Happy. No matter what. I will try my hardest in order to feel like I am worthy. I am awesome. And, only I can label myself.

And I have.
I’m a Youtuber.
I’m a blogger.
I’m a writer.
I’m a reader.
I’m a music-listener.
I’m a anime-watcher.
I’m a Pink-sauce pasta lover.
And, I’m awesomer.

PS. I ran out of words ending with -er.

So, this is my last post for the year 2015. Let’s all just aim to be a little better this year. And a little kinder. And a little gentler. And a little happier. 

Thanks for the love and support everyone. You all are amazing.
2016, here I come. With guns blazing.

What is your resolution for the New Year? Do comment. And as always, do subscribe to my YouTube channel as well as follow my blog. Its free anyway!

Thank you!

Thank you all so much for watching and appreciating my videos! I’ve reached my goal of 100 subscribers for this year! I’m greatly humbled and honoured by all the positive feedback I’ve been getting. Now, I can get a custom URL! If you type, my channel pops up! Yay!

Once again, thank you all!

And, if you guys haven’t seen it yet, do check out my newest video – ‘My Talents’

I seem.

I seem to be made of glass,
Broken easily.
I seem to be made of paper,
Crumpled easily.
I seem to be made of fire,
Burned easily.
I seem to be made of ice,
Cooled easily.
I seem to be made of blue,
Saddened easily.
I seem to be made of red,
Laughing easily.
I seem to be made of tears,
Crying easily.
I seem to be made of smiles,
Broadened easily.
I seem to be made of pain,
Hurt easily.
I seem to be made of strength,
Endeavouring easily.
I seem to be made of hate,
Consuming easily.
I seem to be made of love,
Giving easily.