Why Books are BETTER than movies


How many times have you said,”The book was so much better than the movie.”We all have said it at least once  . Books are just almost always better than movies.This is because of the following reasons:

1)The amount of time it takes to read a book is greater than to watch a movie. Hence, we are more connected to the characters in the book because we have spent more time knowing them.

2)Books just have two limitations: a)The words written by the author describing the book’s universe and b)The reader’s imagination. But, movies are only limited to which parts the director chooses to show of the book.So, books have a WAY, WAY bigger and better universe.

3)Books improve your vocabulary to a greater extent.Not everyone is equally good in reading, writing and speaking English(or any other language).And usually, sometime or the other, we have to look up the dictionary to see what they meant. Thus, books help us to improve the way we speak.

4)Since books(novels) usually don’t have pictures, the authors need to try harder to prove a point.And, when they do, it makes a big impact on the readers. In movies, the point though already proven, doesn’t make as big of as an impact.

5)Books make the readers fall in love with the characters. They make them feel whatever a particular character feels. Movies usually don’t involve the same amount of character development as found in books.

6)Usually, the characters are not shown exactly the same way as readers imagine them to be, in movies. This usually enrages the loyal fans of the book series.

7)As movies are shorter, many aspects are either ignored or erased. Thus, the movie goers (who have and have not read the books alike)don’t feel a strong connection to the characters and the setting.

In conclusion, books are better, but movies are not so bad themselves. Until next time 🙂


19 thoughts on “Why Books are BETTER than movies

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  1. Reblogged this on Explore America with Kids and commented:
    Yes, yes, books are so much better than movies. I would like to add that sometimes seeing a movie after you read the book clarifies the characters in the book or makes it less complicated to understand. The best thing, I think, is to read the book, see the movie, then re-read the book. I found that although I had read the Lord of the Rings multiple times, it wasn’t until I saw the movie that the characters and the book were easier to understand, and I really enjoyed it more.

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  2. alimuhd1194

    Personal connection and your imagination on the book holds dearly to the readers than watching the movies. That’s why a bookworm usually prefers reading than watching the movie.

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