24 thoughts on “Exercise

      1. Liv

        Yeah, I work out to get fit, but I used to want to get skinny, when I realized that if I was just in shape, I could wear bikini. I’m pretty skinny anyways. 😉

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  1. Absolutely.I once went to join a gym and an instructor asked in a surprising tone the reason for joining as I “didn’t need it”. I told him the exact same thing- to get fit and healthy.
    There’s something really wrong with young people who hit the gym with an idea to get skinny.

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      1. I know few women who are just bone and flesh and frequently fall sick or faint.. if I tell them (worriedly) that they should eat well and take care, it upsets them?!
        If someone says things like ” you are so thin that a gust of wind would blow you away”, they take it as a compliment :/

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