Forever known

You, yes you, take the pain,
Don’t let your inner dragon be slain.
        Those unmoving moments of misery,
         Will permanently etch your name in history.
         You, yes you, take the pain,
         Confidence must be feigned.
Don’t let hard work be an allergy,
Passion is the every – door opening key.
          You, yes you, take the pain.
          What don’t you have to gain?
Just imagine how good it’ll be,
Because from your responsibilities you didn’t flee.
          You, yes you, take THAT pain,
           Be THAT much needed rain.

Hi everybody!!!! I’ve got things to do that I don’t necessarily like. For eg:- studies, exercise. And consequently, I’ve been putting them off. I know these tasks are beneficial for me, but I just feel so lazy. And that’s what exactly made me write this poem. Hope you all get some motivation too!!!!
Ps. I’ve been loving The Weeknd’s song – ‘I can’t feel my face.’ Comment below if you love The Weeknd too!!

And, as always please do like, comment and follow! Its free anyway!!!
Until next time!!

10 thoughts on “Forever known

  1. Woah you just freaking made a poem? And it’s so good! I personnally like The Hills more than I can’t feel my face. How about you? BTW thanks for your comments! Your posts are awesome. 🙂

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