Life Hacks #1

Who all get nervous just thinking about public speaking??? I know I do. Raise your hand if you feel this way too so I don’t feel awkward over here standing by myself with my hand raised.

So, a few days ago I participated in a debate competition. And a minute before my turn, I was getting extremely nervous.
Side note: Signs of nervousness include – 1)Thinking so much at a time, that one doesn’t know what to think anymore.
2)An overwhelming urge to run away, to go back home and forget about the speech that was never spoken by one.
3)Sweating. A lot.
4)Unnaturally cold palms.
5)A prayer asked by one for an earthquake at the same moment as one’s speech. Also, any other natural disaster will suffice.
6)Wanting everyone in the audience to look away when one gives one’s speech.
So, what’s the solution? Five seconds before my speech, I had an epiphany.
The epiphany goes something like this – “I’m never gonna see any of you all ever again. Ever. Ever! So it doesn’t even matter if I mess up. You all won’t remember me anyway! The joke’s on you all. Muahaha! See you never suckers!!!

This thought can calm  anyone down in an instant! This method has been tried an tested! And is 100% Ramexa approved!

So I’m planning to share a life hack every week. What do you all think about it? Do comment!

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28 thoughts on “Life Hacks #1

  1. That’s a great hack! I was told to picture the audience naked or on the loo – that didn’t help – I just felt embarrassed for them lol 🙂 The trick is, the more you do it, the more relaxed you become – like riding a bicycle – you wobble around a bit at the beginning and then suddenly you’re multi-tasking while you cycle the city! 😉

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  2. skynimbus

    What if you have to give a speech in front of your class whom you’re gonna spend another year and a half with? 😛
    Also, my dad says the same thing omg! He’s like, think of the audience as stupid idiots. Hilarious, I know!
    Great post!

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  3. I also get very nervous if I have to do some public speaking. I turn red and feel flushed and sweaty. I take a deep breath and also remember that more than half of the people I am speaking to will not dare step up to speak in front of a crowd themselves. So I just be myself and try not to focus on being perfect, but on just getting the message across:) Thanks for sharing your experience and this great life hack!

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  4. Hahah! I do the same thing even if I have to meet most of the members in the audience the following day. 😛 One of my tutors once told me to picture the audience in their underwears so that they seem less intimidating. This technique, fun as it may sound is very,very distracting! 😉

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  5. I recently started doing something else. I started telling myself “Fake it till you make it.” Your brain gets relaxed even if you’re faking a smile, confidence or whatever and then things get easier. 🙂

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  6. I honestly don’t care anymore. No one in your class pays attention/cares anyway! Or they are asleep or on their phone. And half of the time the teacher doesn’t care either! So don’t worry! Just smile and laugh if you mess up!

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