First post EVER!!!


I’m Ramexa, and today while making pink pasta sauce, I thought that I should start writing .So, as I added a dash of oregano and paprika to the smooth mixture, I just couldn’t think of anything else. As I added the penne pasta to the sauce, my mind was still stuck on this idea. As I was eating the delicious dish while simultaneously watching the last two episodes of Danganronpa (which, by the way, are the most important), I couldn’t get my mind off the idea of writing. So, after a few hours of internally debating with myself, I finally decided to write a blog!! (Hurray! I guess?)

As I’ve never written a blog before, I was quite apprehensive about the idea of writing something the whole world would see (Facebook and YouTube comments don’t count as they are lost in the sea of better and funnier comments). But then, I have a lot to talk about, and putting those thoughts into written words makes more sense (don’t ya think?).

This blog is gonna be about the these following amazing topics:

1) Music (mostly rock and edm)

2)Anime (mostly recommendations, reviews and suggestions)

3) Fashion (the best form of self expression)

4)Pop culture

5)Books(mostly recommendations, reviews and suggestions again)

6)And lastly, life

(P.S, there are more areas of discussion I which will be written about, but I’m too lazy to go through my brain right now)

Anyway, until next time. πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “First post EVER!!!

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  2. Hey Ramexa, I thought this was really cute! You should definitely post more like this…

    Speaking of, I have created a hashtag: #blastfromthepast, where you publish any story, poem, article, photograph or drawing that you made when you were younger or in the significant past. You were nominated, and here is the link on instructions as well as my blast from the past. Enjoy! I thought it was similar to your first post too. πŸ™‚


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