Why did you leave me

Why did you leave me?
When I needed you the most?
       You made the sun shine brighter.
        And made me a fearless fighter.
Why was it love at first sight?
You’re being mentioned in a post.
       You inspired me to love me for me.
        We were like sugar and green tea.
Why did you make me fantasize?
Of all the times I would boast,
     About how perfectly we would fit.
     We made the world’s greatest hit.
Why can’t I find you anywhere?
I’ve searched from coast to coast.
      Where are you?
      Oh, where are you?
      My scarlet red top.
I need you so that my eyes will pop.
      My figure-hugging top.
I love you because you’re not cropped.
      My long sleeved top.
You were always a hit and never a flop.
      My all time favourite top.
That was the best day, the day you were shopped.
     My confidence-boosting top.
Now I’m forced to wear the boring top the colour of taupe!

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