‘Describe yourself in SIX words’ challenge!

A few days ago, I’d been given sometime to describe myself in six words. I know a lot about me, ’cause, well, I’m me. But how do I talk about my ENTIRE Self in just six words?
My answer was the following:
“Loves exercising but, hates climbing stairs.”

And I truly do. I would invent a time machine SOLELY to punch ‘inventor of stairs’ face!

So, the rules of this challenge are:
1)Nominate any 5 bloggers of your choice.
2)And, that’s basically it. 🙂

The bloggers I challenge are :

This simple challenge makes you introspect. It makes you think. Please do tag this challenge as ‘The six seconds challenge’.
If you like what I write, please like, comment and follow!! Its free anyway! 🙂

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