An idea

A smooth,
Piece of paper.
Is transformed
Into something
When, it is
The paper plane,
Flies to the

The wind,
The cruel wind,
Tries to
Break it apart.
Beat it down.
But, it sings merrily,
Goes on its way.
It perseveres.
Hoping to be real.
Hoping to be divine.
It carries on,
In tune with gravity.
And love,
And harmony.

7 thoughts on “An idea

  1. I’ve read many of your poems, here on your blog and I absolutely love them. One of my friends is a talented poet, just like you, (you are a bit better) and she uses something called ‘Hello Poetry’. It’s basically a place where you can upload your own poems, find other people’s poems and get inspiration! Your poems are such a pleasure to read! 🙂

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