They envelop you,
The processed tree barks.
They enrich you,
With knowledge so divine,
So pure, so enrapturing.
They touch you,
With their beautiful words,
So heart-rendering, so anguishing.
They love you,
They remind you of your beauty.
But, they also break hearts frequently.
They annoy you,
Their qualities render you speechless,
They haunt you. They creep you out.
They purify you,
Of all your ignorance.
All your stupidity. All your helplessness.

They stay with you,
Long after they cease to exist.
But let’s be honest,
They never stop existing.
They’re immortal.
Immortally captivating.
Immortally engaging.
Immortally inviting.
Immortally alluring.
Immortally immortal.

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Twilight has returned.

A few years ago, the teenage girls and moms of the world, well, mostly teenage girls, had been introduced to the world of ‘Twilight’, and then, their lives changed forever….

The minions are oooohing with interest.

           I came to know of this phenomenon about six years ago, so basically in the seventh grade. One day, one of my classmates could not stop talking about this new, mystical book called ‘Twilight’ and rolling my eyes, I said to her,”Sheesh! A vampire love story. Great.”Then that same night, my mother bought Twilight and gushed on about it. I couldn’t believe the coincidence! Being an avid reader myself, I decided to give Twilight a shot. I read it, then I watched the movie, and then I fangirled over it. Hard. I was in love with the idea that an extremely simple, unimportant girl could find love in a brooding, hot, sexy and well, the ‘ideal’ guy. I was always Team Edward. Always. I would fangirl over it all the time. Twilight consumed me. I was lost in the fantastical world of vampires and werewolves. I bought the succeeding books, the graphic novels,the official illustrated guide and the novella – A short second life of Bree Tanner. I was obsessed. I truly believed that I would never fall out of my love for Twilight.
               I even bought the Twilight Barbie dolls. Yup. Let that sink in. Twilight. Barbie. Dolls.

I only bought Edward and Bella. I really didn't like Jacob.
And, I bought the wedding version of the dolls as well.

              But then, the inevitable happened. I fell out of love with Twilight. I began finding flaws in the books and the movies. I couldn’t believe that Bella could get pregnant, I just couldn’t. That plot hole still baffles me to this day. 
                I realised that I never really liked the characters much, I just liked the idea of Edward. I was obsessed with the idea of Edward. I realised that Bella was a bland, boring and a whiny character. I realised that my obsession was solely based on Edward.
               The main cause of me not liking Twilight anymore was the internet. Let me explain. Whenever something, anything is over-hyped, people are bound criticise it. And my oh my, people criticised Twilight extensively on the internet. I read everything Twilight-related on the net, and slowly but eventually, I realised that my obsession with Twilight was stupid. Yup. Stupid.
            And now, a few years later, Twilight is back! Well in a newer, gender-swapped version. Yup. You read that right. Stephenie Meyer has announced that in order to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the series, a new book called ‘Life and death: Twilight reimagined’ is going to be released. Now, Edward is gonna be known as  Edythe, Bella as Beau, and Jacob as Julie. Not only that, all the characters except Charlie and Renee are going to be gender-swapped.
             When I came to know of this, all those moments of love and adoration towards the series came rushing back. And then, I caught myself. I couldn’t believe that I was still crazy about it. I was torn. I didn’t know whether I should be happy or upset. But now, I’ve made my decision. I am going to buy the new book, simply because I’m curious. And excited. And furious. But, mostly curious.

The cover of the new novel.

             So, what do you think of all this my dear readers? Are you going to buy the new book? And if so, why?
Do comment!
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Books Vs. E-books


I’ve read many books in my lifetime, but then again, I’m not that old yet. In this age of technology, everything is being replaced, and books are no exception.
     So, let’s talk about this today. What’s better books or e-books?
BOOKS : Pros
1)Actual pages, ergo, a literal page turner.
2)Real edges, thicker edges, the feel of a real book.
3)The book smell. Come on, you know that smell, whether it’s a new or an old book, it always smells good. Hmm..that book smell. 😀
4)The happiness of having a mini library in the house 🙂
5)Having soooooooooo many books that they don’t fit on your bookshelf. Most of my read books aren’t even on my bookshelf. Most of them are in my storage bed.
6)The happiness of buying REAL books!
7)Having THAT limited edition, special, hard bound book.

1)They get really old and wrinkly after a while. And your mom tells you to give them away, and you can’t because they’re THAT important.
2)They take up toooooooo much space.
3)They can get torn or wet really easily.
4)They’re usually costlier than e-books or kindle.


E-BOOKS : Pros
1)You can carry thousands of books in one single piece of technology.
2)They’re usually cheaper than regular books
3)They take up very less space.
4)All your precious books will never get wrinkly. And, they’ll never get torn or bent.
5)It’s way easier to carry books. Since the device weighs less than 500 gms and has smooth flatter edges.

1)No real book smell 😦
2)No actual mini library. 😦 again
3)Can break, ergo, all your books will be gone too.

So, what’s the verdict?I absolutely love both real and e-books. They both have pros and cons. They both fulfill they’re duty, which is to make the reader fall in love with them or inspire them.
       Books are better because we are used to it. Books are comforting and they’ve always been tangible.
         E-books are better because they’re lighter. They take up very little space. And the fact that it’s easier to type than write, also helps a lot.



I feel like I haven’t posted in a long, long time. PS. It’s just been three days. I need to step up my game. Pull up my socks. Pick up my pen. I think you get the idea.

Anyway, what do you prefer??  Tangible,heavy books, or, Intangible, lighter books?? Do comment! 🙂

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